Unforeseen Duties Arise for Lionel Messi’s Personal Security Guard

Yassine Chuko, the personal protector of the renowned Argentine football icon, Lionel Messi, is receiving significant recognition as he embarks on a dual mission with Inter Miami.

Vệ sĩ khổng lồ, kèm Lionel Messi chặt hơn cả hậu vệ đối phương | Báo Dân trí

Yassine Tcheuko, the personal security guard of Lionel Messi, boasts a unique background as a former special force soldier in the US military. Having served in various high-risk missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, Yassine has honed his combat skills and developed a deep expertise in martial arts. This extensive training has not only endowed him with extraordinary courage but has also sharpened his reflexes, making him remarkably agile and flexible.

Once upon a time, there was an overly enthusiastic fan who simply couldn’t resist the temptation to meet Messi firsthand, even after being repeatedly advised by Yassine against it. This incident occurred when the beloved Inter Miami star was enjoying a peaceful family dinner at a trendy restaurant in downtown Miami City. It comes as no surprise that, in hindsight, people warned others against attempting any ill-advised endeavors to approach Messi while Yassine is actively safeguarding him.

Vệ sĩ của Lionel Messi ở Inter Miami là ai? Đội bóng MLS làm gì để bảo vệ  ngôi sao Argentina?

In the previous year, Yassine’s company involved him primarily with Messi. Nevertheless, within a brief period, Yassine underwent an unexpected transformation. In fact, rumors surfaced that Yassine might have taken up a new position at Inter Miami, leading to whispers among the public. Adding to the intrigue, Yassine was noticed accompanying Uruguayan forward, Luis Suarez, during his inaugural press conference for Inter Miami.

Inter Miami reforzó la seguridad de Lionel Messi: un guardaespaldas con un  pasado muy particular

It remains uncertain if this is a temporary situation for Inter Miami, but the Argentine sensation, Messi, seems to have turned his attention to Suarez as evident from their impressive ball skills. This move has caught the interest of numerous individuals, particularly the extensive fan base of Inter Miami.

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