The Star Power of Gal Gadot: Embracing Affordable ’90s Favorites instead of Designer Stilettos at the Wonder Woman Premiere

Gal Gadot is truly a remarkable hero. As she enthusiastically promoted her latest movie sensation, Wonder Woman, the talented Israeli actress managed to captivate audiences with her stunning fashion choices at every glamorous premiere.
However, unlike many of her counterparts who typically strut the red carpet with towering designer heels, Gal boldly embraced a different approach by opting for unexpected, yet utterly chic, flat shoes.
In a delightful twist, the 32-year-old star donned affordable sandals sourced from renowned chain-store labels like Rocket Dog and Aldo.

What lies beneath: Gal was a vision while attending the Mexico City, Mexico, premiere in a black silk-satin gown accented with silver embroidery by Prada. The 32-year-old's stylist Elizabeth Stewart took to Instagram to share a photo of her client, plus reveal her 'lil' secret' Rocket Dog shoes

Unveiling the hidden charm: Gal looked absolutely stunning as she graced the red carpet at the premiere of Mexico City, Mexico. Dressed in an elegant black silk-satin gown with intricate silver embroidery by Prada, the 32-year-old actress captivated everyone’s attention. Delightfully surprising her fans, Gal’s stylist, Elizabeth Stewart, shared an Instagram post showcasing her client’s glamorous look, but also spilling the beans about Gal’s “lil’ secret” – her Rocket Dog shoes.

Gal looked absolutely stunning at the Wonder Woman premiere in Mexico City. She wore a beautiful black silk-satin gown by Prada, which was adorned with silver embroidery, giving her a truly unforgettable look. To complement her ensemble, Gal wore Anita Ko diamond and plain ear cuffs in 18k White Gold, adding a touch of elegance to her overall appearance. Unfortunately, her footwear remained hidden beneath her voluminous gown, but her stylist, Elizabeth Stewart, posted a photo on Instagram revealing Gal’s “lil’ secret” Rocket Dog shoes. Rocket Dog was a popular brand in the ’90s known for their platform flip flops. Although we can’t be certain which exact pair Gal was wearing, the idea that she could have chosen any of Rocket Dog’s modern and trendy designs brings back a sense of nostalgia and excitement for those of us who grew up in that era.

Bigtop Webbing Platform Sandal by Rocket Dog, $29.99;

Rocket Dog’s Bigtop Webbing Platform Sandal is available for $29.99 on the website

ESXRD Bungalow Platform Flip Flop by Rocket Dog, $85;

ESXRD Paradise Silver Platform Flip Flop by Rocket Dog, $85;

On the left, we have the ESXRD Bungalow Platform Flip Flop offered by Rocket Dog at a price of $85 on their website On the right, we find the ESXRD Paradise Silver Platform Flip Flops, also priced at $85 and available on

High-low fashion: The star offset her Givenchy gown and $47,000 worth of Tiffany & Co. jewelry with a pair of $50.00 flat sandals by Aldo

In Los Angeles, California, all eyes were on Gal Gadot as she graced the red carpet at the highly anticipated premiere of Wonder Woman. Her stunning ensemble consisted of a sparkling floor-length gown by Givenchy, complemented by an exquisite collection of Tiffany & Co. jewelry worth a staggering $47,000. However, what set her apart was her interesting choice of footwear. Gal effortlessly fused high-end fashion with affordability by pairing her glamorous attire with a pair of affordable Aldo sandals. These stylish ‘Starda’ sandals can be purchased for a mere $50.00 on, proving that you don’t always have to break the bank to look like a star.

Starda sandals by Aldo, $50;

Aldo’s Starda sandals are the perfect choice for those who want to embrace a new fashion trend. Priced at $50, these sandals can be found on In an interview with USA Today, Gal expressed her desire to start a movement of wearing flats on red carpets. She admitted her love for high heels, appreciating their beauty and sexiness. However, she also acknowledged that stilettos often make us feel off balance. Gal eagerly awaits the opportunity to wear flats, and it seems like we are all on the same page as her.

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