The Miami Mansion of Messi: Combining Veliz Arquitecto Uli’s Genius

Veliz Arquitecto presents the unique and original conceptual design for the Messi Mansion in Miami. This architectural masterpiece takes inspiration from Lionel Messi’s iconic brand logo, creating a striking “M” shape that is visible from above. Situated on a luxurious island in the shape of a ship, the mansion offers utmost privacy and an enviable location.

Designed to provide the ultimate in luxury and comfort, the Messi Mansion boasts three levels and a wide array of amenities. Outside, the magnificent swimming pools take center stage, inviting residents to relax and bask in the tropical climate of Miami. A spacious pier allows for easy access to yachts and other vessels, ensuring an exclusive maritime experience.

For avid car enthusiasts, the mansion features a deluxe car garage that is truly impressive. Meanwhile, the garden deck offers a serene and natural space where one can unwind and enjoy the fresh air. Inside the mansion, residents will find an abundance of entertainment options. From game rooms to an elegant party space, unforgettable moments are guaranteed. Moreover, a state-of-the-art home theater ensures a luxurious cinema experience within the confines of the property.

One of the standout features of this project is the inclusion of three helipads, providing a convenient and exclusive means of air transportation to and from the mansion. And for those seeking breathtaking views, the Messi Mansion offers exceptional 360-degree panoramas of the surrounding maritime landscape, forming an unrivaled connection to the beauty of Miami’s coastline.

With its innovative design and unparalleled amenities, the Messi Mansion is poised to become a true architectural gem in the city of Miami.

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