“The Long-Awaited Release of Taylor Swift’s 1989 Sparks Chaos on Apple Music Amidst Fan Frenzy, as She Addresses Bisexual Speculation in the Prologue.”

After a long-awaited release, Taylor Swift has finally dropped her 2014 hit album, 1989 (Taylor’s Version), causing a stir amongst Apple Music users who are experiencing widespread disruption. The 33-year-old singer, who addressed rumors of her being bisexual in the record’s prologue, has re-released her fifth studio album, following a dispute over ownership of her back catalogue. In 2019, it was revealed that Scooter Braun had bought Taylor’s original label

Massive: Taylor Swift has finally re-released her 2014 hit album 1989 (Taylor's Version) which has led to Apple Music users experiencing widespread disruption

Huge news for Taylor Swift fans: her popular 2014 album, 1989, has been re-released as “Taylor’s Version.” However, it seems that Apple Music users are facing some issues as a result of the release.

'It's been waiting for you': To commemorate the major re-release, Taylor shared a series of promotional snaps of herself on the beach along with a handwritten note addressed to her loyal Swifties

Taylor Swift celebrated the significant re-issue of her album by sharing various promotional photos of herself on the beach. She also penned a heartfelt note for her loyal fans, whom she affectionately calls Swifties. The album has been eagerly awaiting its fans, and Taylor is excited to share it with them.

'My name is Taylor and I was born in 1989': The girlfriend of Travis Kelce continued by reflecting on what the work has meant to she and her loyal fan base since it's initial release nearly a decade ago

Hello, I go by the name Taylor and I came into this world in 1989. I would like to take a moment to ponder on the significance of my work and how it has impacted my devoted fans since it was first unveiled almost ten years ago. This is coming from Travis Kelce’s partner.

She wrote: 'I was born in 1989, reinvented for the first time in 2014, and a part of me was reclaimed in 2023 with the re-release of this album I love so dearly'

The celebrity shared that she was born in 1989, reinvented herself in 2014, and found a part of herself again in 2023 with the re-release of her beloved album. She expressed her gratitude for the love between her and her followers over the past decade. Taylor presented her version of the album and showed off a casual look in a white tank top and blue jeans while walking barefoot on the beach. Despite some technical difficulties, fans were thrilled to hear the album and to support Taylor’s ownership of her work. The album includes a previously unreleased track, Slut!, which sparked reactions on social media.

Sweet: Warren shared, 'So excited that everyone gets to hear this song at last!' And she added it sure is 'nice' that the single is already doing so well

Taylor looked stunning in the photos, donning a simple white tank top paired with blue jeans, as she strolled barefoot on the beach with her toes sinking into the sand.

Taylor explained: 'This moment is a reflection of the woods we've wandered through and all this love between us still glowing in the darkest dark. I present to you, with gratitude and wild wonder, my version of 1989. It's been waiting for you. Taylor'

In her explanation, Taylor expressed that this moment is a representation of all the experiences they’ve shared and the love that still shines through even during difficult times. She then proudly presented her rendition of the album “1989” with immense gratitude and excitement. The album has been eagerly waiting to be shared with her fans.

Bring it all back: In 2019, it was revealed that Scooter Braun (pictured in 2019) had purchased Taylor's original label Big Machine Label Group from then-owner Scott Borchetta, 60, for a $330 million sum - thus taking owning her music

In 2019, Taylor Swift’s original record label Big Machine Label Group was sold to Scooter Braun for a whopping $330 million, which gave him the ownership rights to her music. She recently released a new version of her hit album 1989, which includes five new tracks such as Slut!, Is It Over Now?, Now That We Don’t Talk, Say Don’t Go, and Suburban Legends. Interestingly, Taylor’s fans were disappointed that her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles did not make an appearance on the song Style, which she wrote about their passionate relationship. The original 2014 version of 1989 was a commercial success, selling over 10 million copies worldwide and receiving multi-platinum certification in many countries. Prior to the release, Taylor opened up about her dating history and sexuality in a vulnerable prologue for 1989 (Taylor’s Version). In one of the edgy new songs, she sings about how being called a slut might be worth it and how she’d rather be drunk in love than just drunk.

Gorgeous: She frolicked happily in the snaps

Beautiful: She joyfully played in the photographs.

Yum: She enjoyed an ice cream cone in one of the snaps

Yum: In a picture, she can be seen relishing an ice cream cone.

Despite the technical difficulties, fans could hardly contain their joy as they got their first listen of the album from front to back

Even though there were some technical issues, fans were overjoyed as they finally got the chance to listen to the album in its entirety.

Many Swifties tweeted their live reactions to the album — particularly their thoughts about the lyrics to Taylor's previously unreleased track Slut!

Numerous fans of Taylor Swift took to social media to share their real-time thoughts on her album, with a particular focus on the lyrics of the previously unreleased song, Slut!

New look? After getting a glimpse of Taylor in the new 1989 promo pics, some fans said they were considering getting a 'bob' like her

Have you seen Taylor’s new promo pics for her 1989 album? Some of her fans are now contemplating getting a similar ‘bob’ hairstyle like hers.

There was some disappointment as many fans hoped Taylor's ex-boyfriend Harry Styles would be a feature on the song Style which she wrote about their passionate romance

Numerous fans were let down when they discovered that Taylor’s former beau, Harry Styles, was not a collaborator on the track “Style,” which she wrote about their intense relationship.

The singer Taylor Swift recently spoke out against the objectification of women and the slut-shaming that she has experienced throughout her career. Although she did not name Karlie Kloss directly, she alluded to the persistent rumors that they had a romantic relationship. She explained that she was tired of being shamed for “dating like a normal young woman” and that she had been painted as a “boy crazy psychopath.” Despite her attempts to change her behavior and focus on her music and female friendships, people still sensationalized and sexualized her relationships. These comments seem to reference a grainy picture that surfaced on social media in 2014, which appeared to show Swift and Kloss kissing at a concert.

Night out: Seemingly celebrating the latest release, Taylor was seen out in NYC with her pals Alana and Danielle Haim

Having a blast: Taylor appeared to be enjoying herself in New York City as she hit the town with her friends Alana and Danielle Haim, perhaps in honor of her most recent release.

Trendy: They were seen leaving Holiday Bar in the West Village

Fashionable: The two individuals were spotted exiting Holiday Bar, located in the trendy neighborhood of West Village.

Jovial: Taylor looked to be in a jovial mood as she hit the town with her pals

Cheerful: Taylor appeared to be in a cheerful state of mind as she went out on the town with her friends.

Style: Swift looked ultra stylish for their bar hangout in knee-high brown leather boots

Glam: She was sporting a trendy autumnal ensemble

The bar hangout was made more stylish with Swift’s fashionable knee-high brown leather boots.

Out and about: Taylor locked arms with Alana as they walked behind her security team

Exploring the town: Taylor intertwined her arm with Alana’s and strolled along the street while being guarded by her security team.

During a previous rumor about her being a part of the LGBTQ+ community, a representative for the artist denied the claims and found the rumors amusing. However, in an interview with Vogue in 2019, the actress confessed that she was not a member of the community but was passionate about advocating for their rights. She also shared her fear of making mistakes and causing negative media attention due to her fame. The musician explained that she surrounded herself with friends in her mid-twenties to compensate for a lack of childhood friendships, not to form a group dominating others. Additionally, she expressed gratitude towards her fans for recognizing her efforts towards allyship and promoting equality through her music, particularly in her song “Welcome to New York,” where she sings about accepting all genders and sexual orientations.

Speaking up: On Thursday, Taylor penned an incredibly vulnerable prologue for her upcoming album, 1989 (Taylor's Version), in which she opens up about her sexuality and dating history; seen earlier this month

Taylor recently wrote a heartfelt introduction for her upcoming album, 1989 (Taylor’s Version), in which she bravely discusses her sexuality and dating history. Throughout the years, Taylor has been romantically linked to numerous celebrities such as Conor Kennedy, Harry Styles, Lucas Till, Cory Monteith, Joe Jonas, John Mayer, Calvin Harris, Tom Hiddleston, Joe Alwyn, Travis Kelce, and allegedly, Karlie Kloss and Dianna Agron. In fact, Taylor even tweeted in 2014, asking the media to stop accusing her of dating all her friends as a 25th birthday present. Taylor and Kloss first met in 2012 when Taylor expressed her admiration for Kloss and her desire to bake cookies with her in an interview with Vogue. Kloss responded via Twitter, hoping to arrange a meeting between them. They were first seen together in November 2013 when Taylor performed at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, where Kloss walked the runway.

Just friends: After years of remaining silent over conspiracy theories that she had a romantic relationship with her former best friend, Karlie Kloss , the singer, 33, alluded to the persistent rumors as she called out the public for sexualizing her female friendships

Simply friends: Taylor Swift, the 33-year-old singer, has finally addressed the long-standing rumors about her supposed romantic involvement with her former best friend Karlie Kloss. She expressed her frustration with the public’s tendency to sexualize female friendships.

Former BFF: As she looked back at her life at 24, as she prepared to make the leap from a country artist to pop star, the 12-time Grammy winner explained she was desperate to 'silence' the voices shaming her for 'dating like a normal young woman' (seen with Kloss in 2013)

Looking back at her life at 24, when she was transitioning from a country artist to a pop star, the 12-time Grammy winner expressed that she felt compelled to mute the criticisms directed towards her for simply dating like any other young woman. This included her former BFF, whom she was seen with in 2013.

Reinventing herself: After years of becoming a 'target of' relentless 'slut shaming' and enduring endless jokes about the 'amount of boyfriends' she had, Taylor explained being painted as a 'boy crazy psychopath' was 'really starting to hurt'

Taylor decided to reinvent herself as she had been subjected to constant slut shaming and being ridiculed for having multiple boyfriends. The derogatory labels such as ‘boy crazy psychopath’ had started hurting her.

Past love: After years of becoming a 'target of' relentless 'slut shaming' and enduring endless jokes about the 'amount of boyfriends' she had, Taylor explained being painted as a 'boy crazy psychopath' was 'really starting to hurt' (seen with ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas in 2008)

Former romance: Taylor was subjected to constant slut-shaming and teasing about her numerous boyfriends, which took a toll on her over time. People labeled her as a crazy person obsessed with boys, and this hurt her deeply. This was evident in a picture of her with ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas from 2008.

One of her muses: Taylor and Harry Styles briefly dated in early 2013

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles had a brief romantic relationship in early 2013, which later developed into a close friendship between the two. During 2014, they went on a memorable cross-country road trip and had numerous nights out in New York City. They even attended the 2014 Met Gala together and posted about it on social media. Taylor shared that Karlie Kloss, one of her muses, had her own room decorated with photos of the model and her favorite Whole Foods treats. In November 2014, Taylor performed at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for the second time, and Karlie joined her on the runway where they held hands and had fun. The duo took their friendship to another level by posing for a joint Vogue cover in February 2015.

Her ex: She and singer Calvin Harris split after 15 months together in 2016

Her former partner: The renowned musician Calvin Harris ended his 15-month relationship with her in 2016.

Her longest relationship: Taylor and Alwyn broke up after six years together in April (pictured in 2020)

Taylor and Alwyn’s relationship, which lasted for six years, came to an end in April. (Photo taken in 2020)

Taylor spoke to the media and shared that her close friends had predicted that she would become ‘best friends’ with Karlie Kloss at some point in her life. It was also noted that the two looked strikingly similar to each other. According to Taylor, makeup artists and hair stylists often commented on their resemblance and suggested that they would get along famously. Fans will recall that Karlie made an appearance in Taylor’s music video for “Bad Blood” in 2015. She played the role of ‘Knockout,’ a boxer dressed in leather who faces off against Taylor in the ring before joining her team of villains.

Pals: In 2014, Taylor tweeted a request that as a '25th birthday present from the media' that she would like people to 'stop accusing' her of dating all her friends (like Kloss, pictured above in 2014)

Hey buddies! Back in 2014, Taylor Swift made a plea on Twitter. She asked the media to give her a “gift” for her 25th birthday by putting an end to the constant rumors about her dating all of her friends, including Karlie Kloss (who is seen with Taylor in the above photo from 2014).

Destiny: Taylor revealed that people in her inner-circle predicted that she'd one day be 'best friends' with the mother-of-two

Taylor Swift’s close friends had predicted that she would become best friends with Karlie Kloss in the future. In 2016, Kloss and Taylor were seen together at events such as the MTV Video Music Awards and a stop on the singer’s 1989 tour. The two continued to spend time together in 2016, attending events such as Coachella and dining out in New York City. However, their friendship appeared to take a turn in 2017 as they stopped being photographed together and stopped featuring each other on social media. Despite this, Kloss stated in a March 2018 interview with The New York Times that she and Taylor are still good friends and keep in frequent contact.

She starred in the epic production with the rest of Taylor's now-defunct 'model squad' that included Gigi Hadid, Martha Hunt, Cara Delevingne and Lily Aldridge; It went on to win a VMA for Video Of the Year

She was part of Taylor’s former ‘model squad’, which consisted of Gigi Hadid, Martha Hunt, Cara Delevingne, and Lily Aldridge. The group starred in the remarkable production and even won a VMA for Video Of the Year.

All good: Kloss did her best to quash the speculation by telling the NYT in March 2018 that she and Taylor are still 'good friends' and 'talk frequently'

Kloss has made efforts to dispel rumors of a strained friendship with Taylor Swift. In March 2018, Kloss stated in an interview that they are still “good friends” and maintain frequent communication. Later on, Kloss took a selfie with Taylor backstage during her Reputation Tour concert in Nashville as further evidence of their strong bond. While Taylor has remained silent on the topic, Kloss has publicly praised her friend’s work ethic and expressed gratitude for their friendship during a 2019 appearance on WWHL. Despite Taylor’s absence at Kloss’ two wedding ceremonies in 2019, Kloss’s representative clarified that Taylor was invited but unable to attend due to work obligations.

MIA: Kloss got engaged to business man Joshua Kushner in 2018 and they held two wedding ceremonies in the summer of 2019 — both of which Taylor failed to attend; seen in May 2023

In 2018, Kloss announced her engagement to Joshua Kushner, a businessman. The couple celebrated their union with two separate wedding ceremonies in the summer of 2019. Unfortunately, Taylor Swift was not in attendance at either event. This information was captured in a photograph taken in May of 2023.

In response to the news that her music’s ownership had been exchanged, Taylor penned a blog post expressing her long-standing desire to own her work. She explained that she had only been offered the opportunity to regain ownership of one album at a time by signing back up with Big Machine Records, but refused as she believed it would ultimately lead to her being sold without her consent. Taylor’s lawyer denied claims that she had been given an opportunity to buy her masters before they were sold to Braun. The singer accused Braun of denying her the chance to own her old masters, selling them without her knowledge, and subsequently revealed the name of the new owners as Shamrock Holdings. Meanwhile, Kloss remained silent on the matter. Taylor has since been re-recording her back catalog, with only her debut album and Reputation remaining.

Busy bee: Taylor recently wrapped her tour Eras Tour in Arizona across North America (seen in March)

Taylor has been quite the busy bee lately, having just concluded her Eras Tour in Arizona after performing across North America in March.

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