Taylor Swift Unveils Her Exclusive Tour Fitness Routine and Wellness Tips

In the span of just over eight months in 2023, Taylor Swift dazzled audiences with 66 sold-out performances all across the Americas during her groundbreaking Eras Tour. With each night she took the stage, Swift delivered more than 40 songs, seamlessly blending complex choreography into her act, all while ensuring that every single one of her tens of thousands of fans had the time of their lives.

The first year of this extraordinary tour, which will continue with another 85 shows in 2024, demanded immense physical, mental, and emotional strength from Swift. In an interview with TIME for the 2023 Person of the Year, she expressed her desire to “go above and beyond for her fans” as a way of thanking them for the effort they put into attending her career-spanning concert.

“They went through a lot to secure those tickets,” she explained. “I wanted to give them a show that exceeded their expectations because it brings me immense joy to leave the stadium knowing I’ve made their experience unforgettable.”

Swift began preparing for Era six months in advance of the tour’s start in March in Glendale, Arizona. She was aware that this tour was going to be more challenging than anything she had done before. For the first time, she focused on physical preparation.

To get in shape, she followed a specific training routine. This routine involved running on the treadmill every day and singing the entire setlist for Era while doing so. For faster songs, she ran at a fast pace, while for slower songs, she either jogged or walked briskly. In addition to running, she also followed a specially designed strength, conditioning, and weights program at the Dogpound gym. Furthermore, she dedicated three months to dance lessons.

By implementing this comprehensive training regimen, Swift ensured she was physically prepared for the demands of Era.

“I was determined to truly internalize it. I aimed to be so well-prepared that I could freely interact with fans, without losing my train of thought,” she explained. “Admittedly, mastering choreography has never been my strong suit.” Swift collaborated with choreographer Mandy Moore, who significantly transformed her perception of choreography. Moore somehow tapped into her thought process and altered her approach. This recommendation came from her long-time friend Emma Stone, with whom she had worked on the film La La Land. Swift heavily relies on her friends for feedback and ideas, so Stone’s endorsement held immense value. “We’ve been friends since we were teenagers, and I shared all the details about the tour with her—I’m always bouncing ideas off my friends,” she shared. Swift aimed to infuse elements of Broadway and create a cinematic experience for the audience. “I wanted the show to showcase various styles of dance and performances,” she emphasized. “Emma said, ‘Mandy is the perfect fit for you.'”

Leading up to the start of the show, Swift and her team decided to set up camp in Glendale. They spent nearly a month inside the stadium, rehearsing the show multiple times each week. This allowed them to fine-tune every aspect of the performance, making it a truly valuable experience.
Unlike her past tours, where Swift confessed to acting a bit wild, she made the decision to give up alcohol in order to fully prepare for the tour. She adopted a strict discipline when it came to drinking, abstaining from alcohol for a couple of months leading up to the show. However, she did make an exception on Grammy night, allowing herself a fun-filled evening. From then on, Swift stuck to her new routine and avoided drinking throughout the entirety of the tour. The idea of performing with a hangover was not something she wanted to entertain.

When Eras was in full swing, Swift’s schedule became packed with three consecutive shows in each city. In her final U.S. stop of 2023, which happened to be in Los Angeles, she took on this challenge twice in a row, with only one day’s break in between. This grueling tour routine resulted in her performing a total of six shows within a span of seven days. However, during the breaks between tour legs, Swift made sure to give herself a well-deserved break to recuperate and prepare for the upcoming string of concerts.
During these “dead days,” Swift adopted a rather relaxed approach to her recovery. She admitted that she would confine herself to her bed, only leaving it to fetch food and bring it back to her cozy nest for a meal. While this may sound like a mundane existence to some, Swift reveled in this downtime. She explained that her body would often feel exhausted from singing intensely for three consecutive shows, and her feet would let out a satisfying crunch with every step due to the strain of dancing in heels. Despite these physical challenges, Swift expressed that these moments of respite made her feel incredibly fulfilled.

The highly anticipated Eras Tour is set to kick off again in February 2024, treating fans to a thrilling six-month journey across Asia, Australia, and Europe. But that’s not all – Taylor Swift has a grand finale in store for her North American fans with a final set of 18 shows scheduled for October. Rest assured, Swift is determined to deliver an unforgettable performance throughout the entire tour.

“I am fully aware that I refrain from consuming alcohol during my tours. Additionally, I am conscious of maintaining my physical fitness by engaging in workouts between performances. It is important for me to preserve my strength and endurance. I am committed to taking the stage, regardless of whether I am unwell, injured, dealing with heartbreak, feeling uneasy, or experiencing stress,” she affirmed. “This has become an integral part of my personal identity. As long as there are individuals who have purchased tickets to attend my show, I will honor that commitment, unless circumstances beyond my control prevent me from doing so.”

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