Stunning Snaps: Kim Kardashian Flaunts her Enviable Figure in a Gorgeous Beach Outfit During Costa Rica Getaway with Family

In desperate need of some downtime away from the glitz and glamour of Tinseltown, Kim Kardashian opted for a serene and low-key family getaway. However, it didn’t take long for her to unveil her stunning physique as she ventured onto the shoreline sporting a svelte black bikini. Casually strolling across the sand, the 38-year-old diva proudly showcased her enviable hourglass figure, captivating everyone’s attention before indulging in a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters.

Beach babe! Kim Kardashian couldn't keep her killer figure under wraps for too long as she stepped out on to the beach in a tiny black bikini

Beach stunna! Kim Kardashian just couldn’t resist flaunting her envy-inducing physique as she sauntered onto the sandy shores in a sizzling black bikini. The black triangle top struggled to contain her voluptuous assets, hugging her shoulders and snugly fastened around her toned back.

Showing off her hard work at the gym, Kim’s perfectly sculpted abs were proudly showcased in a complementary pair of bikini bottoms that sat high on her hips, offering a tasteful amount of coverage for her backside.

Maintaining a bit of modesty, the mother-of-four elegantly draped a long cover-up around her impossibly slender waistline, striking a balance between allure and discretion.

Wow! The 38-year-old reality star flaunted her hourglass curves in the strappy two piece as she sauntered across the sand for a quick dip in the ocean

Oh, my goodness! The reality TV personality, who is 38 years old, confidently showed off her stunning hourglass figure while wearing a stylish two-piece bikini. With grace and confidence, she walked along the sandy beach to enjoy a refreshing swim in the sparkling ocean.

Beauty: Kim's ample assets were barely contained in the black triangle top which was strapped across her shoulders and around her back

Beauty: Kim’s stunning curves were barely restrained by the sleek black triangle bikini top that delicately hugged her shoulders and gracefully wrapped around her back.

Fashion: Her gym-honed abs were on display in a pair of matching bikini bottoms rested high atop her hips and very moderately covered her backside

Fashion: She confidently showcased her well-toned abdomen in a set of bikini bottoms that were perfectly positioned on her hips and provided just the right amount of coverage for her backside.

Chic: The mother-of-four kept somewhat covered up with a long cover-up wrapped around her incredibly slim waistline

Chic: Mother of four maintained a modest look by draping a lengthy cover-up around her exceptionally slender waistline.

With her lustrous dark brown hair neatly split in the center, she effortlessly showcased her natural beauty, allowing a few delicate strands to fall gracefully on her back. Adding a touch of elegance to her ensemble, Kim adorned herself with a simple yet striking gold bar necklace. To shield her eyes from the intense sun, she confidently donned a pair of exclusive sunglasses from her upcoming collaboration with Carolina Lemke, set to be released in July. Meanwhile, her daughter North, a vibrant five-year-old, radiated pure joy while frolicking in the water alongside her adoring mother during their delightful vacation.

Rest and relaxation: Kim looked refreshed as she caught some sun with her large brood

Taking a well-deserved break: Kim appeared rejuvenated as she basked in the sunlight accompanied by her extensive family.

Wade in the water: Her dark brown hair was parted down the middle and worn naturally with tendrils cascading down her back

Taking a dip: A natural split adorned her luscious chocolate locks, allowing strands to gracefully fall down her spine.

Family fun! North, five, appeared to be having a fantastic time on vacation as she played in the water with her mother

Enjoyable family time! North, a spirited five-year-old, radiated sheer joy during their vacation while frolicking in the water alongside her doting mother.

Just the two of us: Kim carried North for a moment while playing in the water

Love: The pair appeared to be looking for marine life as they stared into the blue sea

Just the two of us: Kim playfully lifts North while enjoying their time in the water.

Water babies: North washed off her mom's face while playing in the jacuzzi

Little North had a great time splashing around in the jacuzzi, causing her to wash away the remnants of her mom’s makeup from her face.

The young and trendy fashion enthusiast donned a vibrant orange swimsuit that perfectly complemented the playful, rainbow-hued highlights entwined in her locks. Meanwhile, her older sibling Kourtney, aged 40, sported a dazzling silver bikini as the entire family indulged in beach fun and frolic. Kourtney’s eye-catching bikini top boasted a single broad strap gracing her shoulder, elegantly accentuated by a stylish bandeau design encompassing its center.

Vacation all I ever wanted: Older sister Kourtney, 40, rocked a sparkling silver bikini while the family played on the sand

A dreamy getaway I always desired: Kourtney, the eldest sister at the age of 40, confidently flaunted her shimmering silver swimsuit as the whole family enjoyed their time frolicking on the beach.

Friends! Scott Disick was on hand for the family fun and wore a dark blue shirt while catching up with Kim on the beach

Hey pals! Scott Disick joined in on the family fun-filled day at the beach, rocking a stylish dark blue shirt as he caught up with Kim.

Connected: Kim made sure to keep her trusty iPhone by her side

Linked: Kim always ensured that her faithful iPhone was within reach.

Business or pleasure? The pair seemed deep in conversation while Scott sipped on a Coca Cola as he chatted with the KKW Beauty babe

Are they discussing business or simply enjoying each other’s company? Scott was leisurely sipping on a refreshing Coca Cola as he engaged in conversation with the stunning KKW Beauty celebrity.

Scott Disick made an appearance at the enjoyable family gathering, donning a stylish navy blue shirt as he engaged in a lively conversation with Kim on the sandy shoreline. With a refreshing Coca Cola in hand, Scott relaxed in a comfortable recliner, tanning his muscular torso after taking off his shirt, all while keeping up the conversation with the stunning KKW Beauty entrepreneur.

Snack time: The group rested on loungers while the kids played nearby

Enjoying some downtime, the group relaxed on comfortable loungers as the children happily frolicked in the vicinity.

Rays: He slipped off his shirt to tan his torso in a simple pair of swim trunks while lounging in a luxe recliner by the shore

Sunbeams: With a carefree attitude, he decided to remove his shirt, allowing his torso to bask in the glowing warmth of the sun. Relaxing on a luxurious recliner by the beach, he wore nothing but a modest pair of swim trunks.

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