“Santa Monica’s Serene Vibe: Selena Gomez Flaunts High-Waisted Jeans and AC/DC Tee for a Perfectly Laid-Back Day”

Lately, Selena Gomez has been channeling her inner rockstar. The multi-talented artist was seen spending time with her buddies in Santa Monica, California while staying true to her unique style. During her day out, the 26-year-old singer-actress rocked a stylish black AC/DC tee and paired it with high-waisted blue jeans.

Rocker: Selena Gomez stayed true to form on Sunday as she headed to out with friends in Santa Monica, California

Over the weekend, Selena Gomez was seen hanging out with her friends in Santa Monica, California and she looked amazing as always. The singer kept up with her signature style and sported a classic denim piece with a trendy frayed hemline, paired with rectangular black heels to add some height. Her dark locks were styled in loose waves that flowed over her shoulders effortlessly. She accessorized her outfit with a cross necklace, large hoop earrings, and a chunky black belt that completed her retro-inspired look. To add some color to her face, Selena went for a subtle pink lip and a touch of blush on her cheeks.

Glowing: The 26-year-old multi-hyphenate tucked a black AC/DC t-shirt into high-waisted blue jeans as she headed into town

With a beaming smile and confident stride, the multi-talented 26-year-old strutted into the urban landscape wearing a sleek black AC/DC shirt neatly tucked into a pair of trendy high-rise blue jeans.

Weekend out: Her denim was ripped and frayed at the bottom and she added a couple inches with rectangular black heels

Enjoying a Weekend in the Great Outdoors: Her outfit consisted of a pair of jeans with ruffled hems, giving it a worn-out look, which she paired with sleek black heels in a rectangular shape to elevate her height.

Summer fun: Selena's dark tresses tumbled in relaxed waves across her shoulders as she wore a necklace with a cross on it

Relishing the Sunny Days: Selena had her hair styled in beautiful, breezy curls that cascaded down her shoulders. She paired her look with a cross necklace for an added touch of glamour. When she headed to church, she opted to wear the same ensemble but threw on a grey jacket just in case she got chilly inside the establishment. As of late, Selena has found comfort in her faith while she comes to terms with the reported drug overdose of her dear friend, Demi Lovato.

Keeping the faith: At another point on Sunday, Selena was seen heading to church and stopped to embrace a friend

On a Sunday, Selena attended church and was seen embracing one of her friends. It’s always heartwarming to witness someone stay devoted to their faith.

Hug it out: She wore the same ensemble but had a grey coat thrown around her, just in case it got cold inside the sanctuary

Let’s have a casual conversation about the power of embracing one another. I came across a young lady who was sporting the same attire as last time, but this time she layered up with a grey jacket just in case the temperature dropped indoors. She has refrained from speaking publicly about Demi Lovato’s rumored substance overdose, yet insiders suggest that she is truly distraught by the news. According to a source who confided in People magazine, these two individuals have always been there for each other through thick and thin, regardless of any bumps in the road. They have known each other for many years, tracing back to their childhood days. Therefore, it’s reasonable to assume that she is feeling mournful over the incident.

Close to the vet: She has publicly stayed quiet about Lovato's alleged drug overdose, but it has been claimed the star is shaken by the news

The veterinarian who is close to Lovato has not made any official statement yet about the suspected drug overdose. However, insiders have revealed that Lovato is deeply affected by the news.

Insider: Speaking to People magazine, an insider revealed that the duo have always been there for each other regardless of where their friendship stands

People magazine recently reported that a source, who wished to remain anonymous, has revealed that Demi Lovato and her friend’s relationship remains strong despite recent challenges. Reports of Demi’s alleged drug overdose were first reported by TMZ earlier this week. According to their article, Demi was taken to a hospital in Los Angeles where she was given Narcan – a drug used to counteract the effects of opioids. Although initial reports claimed that Demi had overdosed on heroin, TMZ later clarified that there was no information available about the substance Demi may have consumed.

Close: 'I'm sure she's very upset,' they said. 'They've been friends since they were kids and have always been there for each other whether they've been close or not'

“I’m sure it’s weighing heavily on her mind,” they commented. “They’ve been the closest of friends since childhood, standing by each other through all the ups and downs, despite any distance between them.”

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