“Miley Cyrus Flaunts Her Beach Body in a Red Bikini During a Baywatch-Inspired Jog in Byron Bay”

Miley Cyrus decided to spend her summer in Byron Bay and wasted no time hitting the beaches to see if Australia’s coastline really is as breathtaking as people say. The 25-year-old singer has been flaunting her enviable figure in an array of revealing bikinis, seemingly on a mission to test out the waters. Most recently, she caught everyone’s attention in what could be her tiniest swimsuit yet, leaving little to the imagination.

Baywatch moment! Miley Cyrus showcased her stunning frame in a cheeky red bikini as she went for a run Australia's Byron Bay beach earlier this month

Miley Cyrus recently had a Baywatch moment while on a run at Byron Bay beach in Australia. The singer flaunted her amazing figure in a retro-inspired red bikini, taking a quick dip in the water up to her ankles to beat the heat. She even showed off her toned derrière as she bent down in the surf. Miley then jogged slowly towards the shore, putting her fit physique on display. To complete her all-red look, she wore a baseball cap to keep the sun off her face once back on dry land.

Cheeky! Miley was spotted taking a quick dip in a retro-inspired red bikini

Mischievous! Miley was seen enjoying a refreshing swim while sporting a vintage-inspired red bikini.

Quick dip! After a few short minutes, she turned and jogged slowly towards the shore

Her head-turning display may have been her best look all summer

A speedy plunge! Within a brief span of time, she pivoted and ran leisurely back to the coast.

 Fitspo! Her incredibly fit physique was on display as she ran

Check out this amazing fitspo! She was showing off her super fit body while she went for a run on the beach. Although she usually takes beach trips with her fiancé Liam, this time around the Nashville native decided to go solo. This was one of Miley’s last beach visits in Byron Bay, a well-known beach town located on the north-east coast of New South Wales. After leaving Australia, Miley is now back in Los Angeles where rumors continue to circulate about her and Liam secretly tying the knot while they were Down Under.

Red-dy to go! Back on dry land, Miley was spotted completing her all-red ensemble with a baseball cap to keep the sun off her face

Ready to rock! Miley Cyrus was seen on land sporting a full red outfit, topped off with a baseball cap to protect her from the sun’s rays.

Solo! While most of the beauty's beach trips have been with her fiancé Liam, the Nashville native went solo on the occasion

The gorgeous beach trips of the singer have mostly been with her partner Liam, but she recently went on a solo trip. Chris, Liam’s older brother, spoke out last week about the rumors of the couple tying the knot, denying that they were officially married. During an interview with Sirius XM radio in New York, the Thor actor awkwardly giggled and confirmed that Miley had not joined the Hemsworth family. Although the couple called off their first engagement in 2013, they rekindled their relationship in January 2016.

Holiday, or honeymoon? The singer is now back in Los Angeles, where local and international press has continued to speculate Miley and Liam travelled Down Under to get married

Are they on vacation or have they tied the knot? The artist has returned to Los Angeles amidst ongoing rumors from both local and global media about whether Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth got married during their trip to Australia.

'Not officially': Last week, Liam's big brother Chris broke his silence on the reported nuptials, insisting his younger sibling and the pop star had not 'officially married'

According to Liam’s elder brother Chris, the rumored wedding between the One Direction member and pop star is not yet official. Chris shared this information after keeping silent about the matter for some time.

A-list! The A-list couple called off their first engagement in 2013, but rekindled their romance in January 2016

Top-notch! The top-notch couple ended their initial engagement in 2013, but reignited their love in January 2016.

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