Maybe she craved a quick pint? Emma Watson sips her beer in denim shorts and leather boots while enjoying Taylor’s performance at Hyde Park music festival

Emma Watson made an appearance at the British Summertime Festival in London over the weekend to support her friend Taylor Swift, who was headlining the event. Keeping the celebration going, Watson was spotted enthusiastically enjoying a pint of beer, fully embracing the party atmosphere while Swift wrapped up a series of energetic performances in the sunny weather.

Thirsty work: Emma Watson should was seen downing a quick pint at London's British Summertime Festival on Saturday, where she watched pal Taylor Swift

Emma Watson was spotted enjoying a refreshing pint of beer at the British Summertime Festival in London on Saturday. Accompanied by a group of her female friends, the actress appeared to be thoroughly enjoying herself, immersing in the festival atmosphere in the bustling capital. With her hair neatly pulled back into a casual bun and donning a stylish full face of makeup, Emma embraced festival fashion, opting for a chic combination of denim hotpants and leather boots. Standing in a beam of light, she effortlessly satisfied her thirst for both a cold drink and the vibrant pop culture surrounding her.

Bottoms up! Seen with a group of female friends, the actress was clearly having a good time as she soaked up the atmosphere in the capital

Cheers! Spotted alongside a bunch of her female buddies, the actress was evidently enjoying herself to the fullest as she fully embraced the vibrant ambiance of the city.

Putting on a leggy display: The popular actress certainly cut a seasonal figure at the weekend

Showing off her long legs, the beloved actress surely embraced the spirit of the season over the weekend.

Looking good: With her hair scraped back into a casual bun and sporting a full face of make-up, she'd clearly opted for festival glamour to mark the occasion

Looking fabulous: Rocking a laid-back bun hairstyle and flaunting an impressive makeup look, it was evident that she had embraced the festival spirit in all its glamorous glory.

Plait'll do nicely! The British actress sported a hippy-inspired braid in her long hair 

Plait looks great! The British actress rocked a bohemian-inspired braided hairstyle in her flowing locks. Completely captivated by the performance, she couldn’t tear her eyes away from the stage as the renowned singer from 1989 mesmerized both music enthusiasts and reviewers.

Just a few hours before, Emma had shared Taylor’s tweet regarding the legalization of gay marriage in America, an achievement accomplished through the Supreme Court. Emma’s own tweet on the matter, “You have the freedom to love who you want…whether it’s boys and boys or girls and girls,” hinted at an additional cause for celebration.

Better the denim you know: The Paris-born star wore the type of hotpants Kylie Minogue would appreciate 

Upgrade your denim game: The fashion-forward celebrity sported a pair of trendsetting shorts that would surely catch the attention of Kylie Minogue.

Sharing the same stylist? Emma and her pal wore strikingly similar looks for the British Summer Time gig

Do Emma and her friend have the same fashion taste, or is it just a coincidence? They both turned heads with their remarkably similar outfits at the British Summer Time concert.

Good times: Wearing a Breton-striped top with a pair of jeans, the British screen star was laughing and joking with pals at the open-air show

Great moments: Sporting a Breton-striped blouse along with denim trousers, the famed British actor was seen jovially socializing with friends at the outdoor event.

Stylish: Emma braved horizontal stripes for the evening outing - and looked fab

Fashion-forward: Emma fearlessly embraced the trend of horizontal stripes during her nighttime adventure, effortlessly exuding sheer fabulosity.

Carefree: Emma was also spotted dancing, laughing and joking  with her mixed group of friends

Easygoing: Emma was seen having a blast as she danced, laughed, and shared jokes with her diverse circle of friends. Donning a stylish Breton-striped top matched with some jeans, the acclaimed British actress couldn’t contain her joy while enjoying the open-air performance. Her carefree spirit led her to dance and strike playful poses for selfies alongside her diverse group of friends. Together, they effortlessly embodied the vibrant energy that Taylor Swift is known for.

Rapt: Refusing to take her eyes off the stage, she looked on as the singer wowed music fans and critics alike

Engrossed: With unwavering focus, she kept her gaze fixated on the stage, watching in awe as the singer captivated audiences and received praise from both music enthusiasts and experts alike.

Strutting her stuff: Emma flaunts her perfect pins as she navigates the audience at Hyde Park 

Showing off her fabulous legs, Emma confidently walks through the crowd at Hyde Park.

Get down on it: The Bling Ring star couldn't resist dancing to the much-hyped music show  

Busting a move: The talented actor from The Bling Ring couldn’t resist grooving to the highly anticipated music spectacle.

Pretty: The actress looked beautiful - even despite keeping it casual for the annual gig 

Gorgeous: The actress looked stunning – even though she chose to keep it casual for the annual event. And she wasn’t the only famous face in the audience either. Joining her were British icons Emma Bunton and Melanie Chisholm, formerly known as Spice Girls, as well as TV presenters Emma Willis and Tess Daly. To make it even more special for American star Taylor, her close friend Ellie Goulding took the stage beforehand to warm up the crowd. Ellie, who also stars in Taylor’s latest music video for Bad Blood, gave an electrifying performance, captivating the audience with her energetic moves.

Busy crowd: Emma couldn't help but survey the thousands of people who'd attended the live set 

Busy gathering: Emma found herself unable to resist observing the multitude of individuals who had gathered for the live performance.

Smile for the camera! Emma and her friend strike a pose in a photo opportunity

Say cheese! Emma and her buddy pose with flair, seizing the perfect moment for an unforgettable snapshot.

VIP access: The Harry Potter actress was able to watch the set from the side of the stage in a safe enclosure

Exclusive privileges: The esteemed cast member of Harry Potter had the unique opportunity to observe the set from a secure enclave located beside the stage.

Not the only celeb: Among the stars in the audience were British fans Emma Bunton and Melanie Chisholm - both of former Spice Girls fame - as well as television presenters Emma Willis and Tess Daly

Not the only famous faces: Among the crowd were British celebrities Emma Bunton and Melanie Chisholm, both previously known as members of the Spice Girls. The audience also included popular television presenters Emma Willis and Tess Daly.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, attendees of the festival were in for a surprise when Taylor’s close friends Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne, Martha Hunt, and Serena Williams made unexpected appearances.

To end the show on a memorable note, Taylor performed with a group of her famous female friends by her side.

Before her London performance, the girlfriends even shared a meal together in Notting Hill on Friday night to catch up and enjoy each other’s company.

After a short visit to London, Taylor will be heading to Dublin this week to continue promoting her album 1989 and its highly popular tour.

Support act: Just hours earlier Emma had re-tweeted Taylor's message about America's gay marriage act, which was implemented via the Supreme Court at the weekend

Opening act: A few hours prior, Emma had shared Taylor’s tweet regarding the recent legalization of gay marriage in America, a historic decision upheld by the Supreme Court over the weekend.

Quality control: Emma and her pal apply some quality control to the photographs they've taken 

Emma and her friend engage in a bit of quality control as they meticulously assess the photographs they captured.

Fancy another pint? Emma looks ready to fresh herself with another drink as she parties in the warm weather

How about another round of drinks? Emma seems fully prepared to quench her thirst with another beverage while enjoying the delightful warm weather at the party.

Mwah! The friends pucker up for a comedy pose as they record the evening on their smart phones

Smack! The buddies plant kisses in a comical stance while capturing the night’s festivities on their smartphones.

Capturing the moment: Emma and two girlfriends cosy-up for a selfie at the concert

Seizing the moment: Emma and her two buddies huddle together for a charming selfie during the concert

Backstage with Hermione Granger: Harry Potter star Emma Watson joined Taylor backstage at the show

Behind the Scenes with Hermione Granger: Emma Watson, the beloved actress from the Harry Potter series, delighted fans by making an appearance backstage with Taylor during her show.

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