Kim Kardashian’s Unconventional Winter Solution: She Covers Her $200K Lamborghini in ‘Cozy Fabric’

After bidding farewell to the series finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the reality star was in for a surprise when she woke up to discover that her extravagant vehicle was completely embellished with the extravagant substance. Don’t miss out on the latest updates by checking out our lively Kardashian live blog.

Kim Kardashian wrapped her ENTIRE $200K Lamborghini in SKIMS 'cozy' fabric

Kim Kardashian has taken her luxury car game to a whole new level by completely covering her Lamborghini, worth a staggering $200,000, in the cozy fabric that is synonymous with her popular SKIMS brand. The reality star turned entrepreneur has once again made heads turn with her unique and extravagant style statement.

The reality star's luxury vehicle was covered in the soft material from her clothing line

Kim Kardashian, the popular reality star, was in for a surprise when she stepped out of her lavish Los Angeles mansion. Her luxury vehicle, a Lamborghini, was completely covered in the soft material from her clothing line, SKIMS. Kim couldn’t help but show off the exclusive ride, which had its entire exterior and interior redone with the cozy fabric. Not a single detail was left untouched, as even the tire’s hubcap was engulfed with the collection. The seats, roof, steering wheel, floor, and even the custom SKIMS license plate were all decked out in the material.

Kim shared some snapshots on social media, where she could be seen lounging next to the car, donning pieces from her cozy line, such as a bra top, sweatpants, and slides. In one picture, she even took the opportunity to sunbathe on the hood of the car. Kim couldn’t contain her excitement and captioned the photos, saying, “OMG, isn’t this the cutest and funniest thing ever??? A new Lamborghini with everything covered in @skims cozy fabric.”

Fans blasted the move as the 'stupidest thing ever' as it was the 'biggest waste of money'

The decision garnered heavy criticism from fans, who expressed their strong disapproval, labeling it as the most foolish decision ever made and an extravagant squandering of funds.

Kim stepped out in head-to-toe 'cozy' fabric that matched her Lambo

Kim emerged from her lavish ride donning a full attire made of snug fabric, perfectly complementing her sleek Lambo.

No expense was spared to give Kim the 'cozy' treatment to her car

Kim’s car received the utmost attention and luxurious treatment, with no expenses spared.

Even the custom SKIMS license plate was wrapped in fabric

The SKIMS license plate on Kim Kardashian’s car was even wrapped in fabric, a detail that left fans questioning how much it would have cost to cover the entire vehicle. To put things into perspective, a bra top made from the same material retails for $50, so the expenses would quickly escalate for an entire car. Some fans expressed their frustration and disappointment, considering it a wasteful use of money. One critic even went as far as calling it the “biggest waste of money” they had ever seen. Others echoed similar sentiments, calling it “the stupidest thing” and remarking on Kardashian’s seemingly unlimited wealth and lack of sensible spending choices.

The steering wheel, floors and roof were covered in the fabric

Kim Kardashian shared a photo on Instagram showcasing her vehicle’s interior covered in luxurious fabric. The steering wheel, floors, and roof were all adorned with this lavish material.

Even the car's tire hubcap was covered with the 'cozy' collection

Even the hubcap of the car was adorned with the delightful ‘cozy’ assortment, as shared on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram.

All of the inside of the ride from floor to ceiling was covered

The entire interior of the ride, from the bottom to the top, was completely adorned.
Photo credit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

Kim boasted how she matched her car

17-year-old Kim proudly showed off her perfectly coordinated car, sharing a photo on Instagram.

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