Kim Kardashian stuns in a plunging silver dress, showcasing her ample assets, while enjoying a reunion with acclaimed jeweller Fawaz Gruosi during her visit to Cannes

Kim Kardashian embraced the glitz and glamour of the de Grisogono party in Cannes with her stunning chainmail gown. However, her style game was already on point earlier that day when she caught up with Fawaz Gruosi, the founder of the renowned luxury jewelry brand. Kim made her way to the prestigious Martinez Hotel in a dazzling silver dress that showcased her ample cleavage. Watch the video below for more details.

Fun in the sun? Kim Kardashian wax pulling no punches when it came to the style stakes as she enjoyed a catch-up with de Grisogono founder, Fawaz Gruosi

Having a blast in the sunshine? Kim Kardashian didn’t hold back when it came to her style choices while catching up with Fawaz Gruosi, the founder of de Grisogono. Despite just arriving in the South of France, Kim was in great spirits as she met up with the de Grisogono boss in his extravagant hotel suite. She confidently flaunted her well-known curves in a fitted silver satin mini dress, leaving no doubt that she wasn’t afraid to show off her assets. The dress’s low-cut neckline showcased her ample bust, creating a bold and revealing look.

Busty display: Heading to the exclusive Martinez Hotel to meet the jeweller to the stars, the 35-year-old reality star put on a very busty display in a extremely low-cut silver dress

Busty Appearance: Making her way to the prestigious Martinez Hotel for a meeting with the renowned jeweller to the celebrities, the 35-year-old reality star showcased her ample assets in a stunning silver dress with a plunging neckline. To add a touch of casualness to her ensemble, Kim, who is married to rapper turned fashion designer Kanye West, opted for a cozy cable-knit cardigan. Prioritizing comfort and simplicity, she only adorned herself with a pair of oversized sunglasses. With her dark locks styled in a middle parting, her long and tousled waves gracefully fell around her shoulders, beautifully enhancing her iconic features.

Shimmering in the sun: Meeting up with de Grisogono boss at his suite in the luxurious hotel, Kim appeared in high spirits despite touching down just hours earlier in the South of France

Bathed in the sunlight: Catching up with the de Grisogono CEO in his lavish hotel suite, Kim radiated a contagious enthusiasm despite only arriving in the South of France a few hours ago.

Summer chic: Slipping her famous curves into a fitted silver satin mini dress, the TV star and business woman certainly wasn't afraid to showcase her assets

Effortlessly stylish for the summer season, the renowned television personality and entrepreneur confidently flaunted her hourglass figure in a sleek, form-fitting silver satin short dress. With no hesitation, she embraced the opportunity to highlight her best features.

Chilled out and relaxed? Adding a more casual edge to her outfit, Kim - who is married to rapper turned fashion designer Kanye West - wore a chunky cable-knit cardigan

Feeling calm and at ease? Kim, the wife of rapper-turned-fashion designer Kanye West, effortlessly enhanced her outfit with a cozy chunky cable-knit cardigan, bringing a touch of casual flair.

Lustrous locks: She wore her dark tresses in a centre-parting with her long locks tumbling down around her shoulders in tousled waves, the reality star let her hair frame her famous face

Lustrous locks: She wore her dark tresses in a centre-parting with her long locks tumbling down around her shoulders in tousled waves, the reality star let her hair frame her famous face

Glowing strands: Sporting a middle-parting, she elegantly showcased her cascading dark locks that flowed in effortless waves around her shoulders. With her hair gracefully framing her renowned face, the reality star exuded confidence.

Perched on the balcony of the Martinez, overlooking the breathtaking scenery of the Cote d’Azur, the reality star’s expression revealed pure joy upon spotting Fawaz.

Engrossed in conversation, the pair enjoyed each other’s company under the warm sunshine, catching up before the upcoming soirée.

Unfazed by her non-stop schedule since arriving, Kim managed to make a stunning entrance at the star-studded De Grisogono party. Dressed in a mesmerizing chainmail gown, she arrived at the exquisite Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes.

Sat on the balcony of the Martinez, with the glittering vista of the Cote d'Azur behind her, the reality star looked delighted to see Fawaz.

Perched on the terrace of the Martinez hotel, reveling in the breathtaking view of the sparkling Cote d’Azur, the famous socialite’s face lit up with sheer joy upon spotting Fawaz.

Stealing the show: Kim Kardashian looked amazing as she arrived at the De Grisogono at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes on Tuesday night

Taking center stage: Kim Kardashian made a stunning entrance at the De Grisogono event held at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes on Tuesday evening. Rather than engage in the usual party frenzy, Kim maintained her characteristic serious expression, often reserved for her famous self-portraits.

The reality TV sensation was adorned in luxurious diamond jewelry, with her dark hair elegantly styled in a neat bun. Having recently celebrated her remarkable weight loss, she proudly showcased the results of her dedicated workouts as she effortlessly dazzled on the red carpet.

Just a few days prior to the event, Kim joyfully shared with her followers that she had achieved her pre-baby weight of 135.8 pounds, a remarkable accomplishment considering she gave birth to her son Saint just five months earlier. Her breathtaking couture gown perfectly emphasized her enviable silhouette.

In a subtle tribute to the event’s esteemed host, the renowned jeweler, Kim accessorized herself stunningly with an array of diamonds, including mesmerizing teardrop earrings and a jaw-dropping emerald ring that captivated all who glanced at her impeccably manicured finger.

The mother-of-two showed no signs of jetlag and looked immaculate as ever as she stole the show at the De Grisogono party

The lady with two children displayed no indications of jetlag and appeared flawlessly stunning as always while becoming the center of attention at the extravagant De Grisogono gathering.

Smoke gets in your eyes: The reality TV star went for heavily smoky eyes and her signature contouring make-up

The TV personality opted for an intense smoky eye look and her iconic contouring makeup.

Laden: Kim's love of cosmetics was blatantly apparent as she went for heavy contouring paired with a smokey eye and strong brow

Laden: It was crystal clear that Kim had a genuine passion for cosmetics as she skillfully applied a dramatic contour, accompanied by a sultry smoky eye and perfectly defined brows.

Her date for the night... In lieu of her husband Kanye West, Kim spent the night on the arm of De Grisogogono creative director Fawaz Gruosi

Instead of being accompanied by her husband Kanye West, Kim chose to spend the evening with Fawaz Gruosi, the creative director of De Grisogono. Fawaz Gruosi, sporting a white dinner jacket and black bowtie, looked elegant and sophisticated.
Kim’s makeup was impeccably done, as she has always been open about her love for cosmetics. She embraced the popular trend of contouring, using different shades to create a flawless base and enhance her bone structure.
Her hair was expertly styled in a sleek and tight chignon, forming an elegant bun at the back. This hairstyle accentuated her smoky eye makeup, which was expertly applied to highlight her almond-shaped eyes.
Completing her beauty routine was her well-defined brows, a fashionable look that truly enhances and shapes one’s face.

Glimmering girl: Just days before the bash Kim shared her delight with fans as she revealed she is back to her pre-baby weight of 135.8lbs, five months after giving birth to son Saint. Her astounding couture gown was the perfect outlet to show off her fabulous frame

Sparkling lady: In the days leading up to the party, Kim excitedly informed her fans that she had successfully returned to her pre-pregnancy weight of 135.8lbs, only five months after welcoming her son Saint. Her incredible designer dress provided the ideal opportunity to flaunt her stunning figure.

Later on: Kim arrived on the French Riviera earlier on Tuesday, despite appearing at an awards ceremony in New York on Monday night

Later in the day, Kim made her way to the magnificent French Riviera, even though she had just attended a glamorous awards ceremony in New York the previous evening.

What a fortunate man! Fawaz was undoubtedly filled with pure happiness to have the company of one of the most renowned and stunning women in the world.

All eyes on her: Kim glistened and glittered as she posed with her head over her shoulder 

All attention was fixated on her: Kim exuded radiance and sparkle as she gracefully positioned herself with her head turned.

Getting along nicely: Kim and Fawaz were deep in conversation with a host of other guests as the party got into full swing

Having a great time: Kim and Fawaz were engrossed in conversation with a bunch of other guests as the party came alive. Kim made her way to the French Riviera on Tuesday, even though she had attended an awards ceremony in New York the previous night. This week is jam-packed for the mother of two, with the AmfAR Gala on Thursday, followed by an appearance at the Vogue 100 Festival in London, and finally celebrating Valentino’s birthday in Italy to wrap up her whirlwind tour of Europe. Her arrival coincided with receiving a Webby Award, during which she expressed her joy about becoming an aunt again when her brother Rob and his fiancee Blac Chyna welcome their baby. According to People, Kim said, “Everyone is doing really great. Everyone is super excited.”

In demand: Kim has gone from New York to Cannes and will be expected in London and Italy later this week

Currently, there is a high demand for Kim as she recently traveled from the bustling streets of New York City to the glamorous city of Cannes. In the upcoming days, she is anticipated to grace her presence in the vibrant city of London and the beautiful country of Italy.

Train reaction: Kim needed some assistance to prepare her train from her chainmail dress for the black carpet

Train reaction: Kim sought help in getting her train ready, as she wanted to gracefully flaunt her chainmail dress on the black carpet.

Hey there: Kim appeared to be over the moon when she caught up with the creative director

Mwah! She swooped in for a big cuddle as they greeted one another on the red carpet

Hey, guess what? Kim was absolutely ecstatic when she finally caught up with the creative director.

Stand by your brand: Kim posed proudly next to the jewellers name - obviously glowing with pride to front such a high-class event 

Show your loyalty to your brand: Kim confidently stood alongside the renowned jewelry company’s logo, radiating undeniable satisfaction as she took center stage at this exclusive affair.

What a body! Kim's figure looked simply sensational as she turned every which way, displaying her phenomenal form at all angles

What a body! Kim's figure looked simply sensational as she turned every which way, displaying her phenomenal form at all angles

Wow, Kim’s physique was absolutely stunning! She effortlessly showcased her incredible contours from every possible angle, leaving everyone in awe of her astounding appearance.

Pert posterior: Kim looked incredible from every angle as she was guided down some steps 

Perfect posterior: Kim appeared absolutely amazing from all perspectives as she gracefully descended a flight of stairs.

Working her magic: Kim appeared to be perfectly body confident as she showed off her slim post-baby figure

Like a mermaid: The fishtail nature of the back from the rear added some additional glamour

Working her charm, Kim seemed completely comfortable in her own skin as she proudly flaunted her slender post-pregnancy silhouette.

Holding on tight: Kim was never far from Fawaz's arm as they strutted around the bash arm-in-arm 

Keeping a tight grip: Kim was always within reach of Fawaz’s embrace as they confidently walked together at the lively event.

Up close and personal: Her tresses were slicked into an impossible tight chignon, elegantly curled into a bun at the back of her naturally flawless person. The slicked back hair helped highlight her smokey shadow laden eyes which were outlined to show their almond shape

A closer look: Her hair was styled into a perfectly sleek chignon, tightly secured into a sophisticated bun at the nape of her effortlessly flawless appearance. The sleek hairstyle beautifully accentuated her eyes, adorned with a smoky eyeshadow that enhanced their natural almond shape.

Inseparable: Kim and Fawaz were always by each other’s side, creating a delightful duo with their elegant attire for the night.

All that glitters: She couldn't seem to take her eyes off the glittering array of jewels that were displayed at the event 

At the event, her gaze was captivated by the dazzling assortment of sparkling gems, unable to tear her eyes away.

Fancy seeing you here! Once inside the bash, Kim caught up with family friend Bella Hadid who looked busty and chic

It’s such a surprise to spot you in this place! As soon as Kim stepped into the lively gathering, she immediately crossed paths with her family friend Bella Hadid, who effortlessly exuded both elegance and a touch of allure.

Terrific trio: Bella grabbed the arm of Fawaz for a brief chat as Kim looked out at the festivities at the party 

Awesome threesome: Bella playfully hooked her arm through Fawaz’s for a quick catch-up while Kim took in the lively atmosphere of the party.

Good genes: Kim also had the company of her mother, Kris Jenner, who seriously held her own in an elaborate gown

Kim was fortunate to have the company of her mother, Kris Jenner, who confidently stunned everyone in a grandiose dress.

All white on the night: Kris showed off her figure in a very tight white gown with silver embellishments across the chest

Kris flaunted her stunning physique at night in a form-fitting white dress adorned with shiny silver accents adorning the chest area.

Keeping up with the Kardashians! Kris Jenner and daughter Kim Kardashian enjoyed a girls' night out in Cannes

Staying in tune with the Kardashians! Kris Jenner and her daughter Kim Kardashian took some time off for a fun evening in Cannes, enjoying a delightful girls’ night out.

Hitching it up: The reality star was pictured adjusting her outfit, making sure she didn't have a faux pas 

Getting ready: The famous TV personality was caught on camera fixing her attire, ensuring she didn’t make any embarrassing fashion blunders.

The biggest she's ever seen: Kim visibly gasped when Fawaz pulled out his massive rock

Kim was completely taken aback by the sheer size of the rock Fawaz revealed.

Snapping away: Kim, Bella and Kris took some time aside to pose for some video content together for Snapchat 

Engaging in a playful session: Kim, Bella, and Kris spontaneously paused from their busy schedules to strike a fun-loving pose, capturing the moment for a unique video content exclusively on Snapchat.

Pout of this world: The girls all looked incredibly glamorous as they enjoyed their night out together 

Out of this world fabulous: The ladies were absolutely stunning as they relished their evening together.

Selfie Queen: Kim appears to have perfected the art of posing for a photograph as she looked perfect from every angle 

Selfie Empress: Kim seems to have mastered the fine art of striking a pose for a picture, effortlessly embodying flawlessness from any perspective.

A perfect matching pair: Kris sparkled in an elegant white attire while Bella exuded charm in a stunning black ensemble, gracefully mingling with fellow attendees at the party.

The 35-year-old made a grand entrance at the event held at Cipriani Wall Street in New York. She received the prestigious Break The Internet Award and pledged to continue sharing provocative photos of herself throughout her lifetime. With an enormous following on Instagram and Twitter and a highly successful mobile game, Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood, Kim is being recognized as the first-ever recipient of this honor at the annual Webby Awards. Kara Swisher, an acclaimed author, journalist, and internet commentator, presented Kim with the award. In her acceptance speech, Kim simply stated, “Nude selfies until I die.” Accompanying Kim at the event was her mother Kris Jenner, who had been enjoying some time on the Riviera with her model daughter Kendall Jenner and Scott Disick. Kris, a 60-year-old mother of six, looked stunning in a form-fitting white gown featuring silver embellishments on the chest.

Natural beauty: Meanwhile, also at the De Grisogono party was Victoria's Secret model Chanel Iman, who showed off her lithe figure in a daring olive cut-out dress with thigh-high split. In yet another nod to the dazzling event she packed on glimmering gold accessories

In the realm of natural beauty, we encountered the delightful presence of Chanel Iman, a renowned Victoria’s Secret model, at the extravagant De Grisogono gathering. Chanel confidently displayed her slender physique enchantingly, donning a captivating olive dress adorned with intricate cut-outs and a daring thigh-high split. Adding to the allure of the moment, she adorned herself with stunning golden accessories that gleamed and shimmered, paying homage to the opulent ambiance of the event.

Stunning: Model Chanel Iman rocked a sleek look in a daring olive gown as she stepped on to the red carpet

All that glitters is gold: The 25-year-old model wowed in a shimmering gold dress with cut outs showing off her enviably toned figure

Breathtaking: She effortlessly rocked a mesmerizing Hollywood-inspired hairstyle, showcasing sleek waves that gracefully fell over her shoulder in a chic manner. To complement her stunning appearance, her makeup was flawlessly applied, with a touch of nude lipstick enveloped in a glossy finish, adding an extra touch of brilliance to her overall radiant aura.

All that jazz: Chanel gave yet another nod to the dazzling event she packed on glimmering gold accessories

Chanel once again paid homage to the fabulous affair by adorning herself with shimmering golden accessories.

Incredibly chic: Bella Hadid shone bright at the jewellery bash as she slipped into a bedazzled pinstripe suit with a flesh-flashing bustier underneath

Absolutely stylish: Bella Hadid looked absolutely stunning at the jewelry celebration, adorning herself in a dazzling pinstripe suit paired with a provocative bustier that showcased her flawless figure.

Quirky: Bella Hadid also shone at the party in an unusual pinstriped trouser suit with a very revealing tasselled blouse

Quirky: Bella Hadid also shone at the party in an unusual pinstriped trouser suit with a very revealing tasselled blouse

Quirky: She definitely stood out at the event with her unique choice of attire – a pinstriped trouser suit paired with a daring tasselled blouse that left little to the imagination.

Gorgeous girl: Also representing the model contingent was Bella Hadid, who had jetted in from Australia where she was modelling at Sydney Fashion Week. The 19-year-old supermodel shone bright at the jewellery bash as she slipped into a bedazzled pinstripe suit with a flesh-flashing bustier underneath

Stunning lady: Joining the group of models was Bella Hadid, who had just arrived from her modeling gig at Sydney Fashion Week in Australia. The 19-year-old supermodel looked absolutely radiant at the glamorous jewelry event, donning a sparkling pinstripe suit with a daring bustier peeking out from underneath.

An exquisite exhibition: Bella showcased her statuesque physique in a stunning black ensemble comprising of a impeccably fitted suit jacket and elegantly flared trousers.

Busty babe: The clue was in the detail with the stunning suit as the entirety of the two-piece was given the bling factor with a delicate trim of dazzling silver chains

Voluptuous beauty: The mesmerizing ensemble had an attention-grabbing element, as the entire two-piece outfit radiated glamour thanks to the intricate embellishments of shimmering silver chains.

Knows how to pose: Bella's doe-eyed stare no doubt captivated the red carpet as she dazzled in her suit 

Bella’s incredible ability to strike a pose shone brightly on the red carpet, leaving everyone enchanted with her captivating doe-eyed gaze. Her stunning appearance in a suit was truly remarkable.

Meanwhile, also present at the De Grisogono party was Chanel Iman, a stunning Victoria’s Secret model. She confidently showcased her slender physique in a bold olive dress that revealed strategic cut-outs and a thigh-high split. To further enhance the glamorous occasion, she adorned herself with shimmering gold accessories.
Her hair was expertly styled into sleek Hollywood waves, gracefully falling over her shoulder in an elegant manner. Her makeup was flawlessly applied, with a touch of nude lipstick and a layer of gloss, making her look even more radiant.
Joining the model lineup was Bella Hadid, who had recently traveled from Australia, where she had been actively involved in Sydney Fashion Week. The 19-year-old supermodel dazzled at the jewelry event as she slipped into a bedazzled pinstripe suit, paired with a revealing bustier underneath.
Bella confidently showcased her statuesque figure in the dazzling black ensemble, consisting of a tailored suit jacket and flared trousers. The suit itself was a work of art, as every detail boasted a touch of glamour with delicate silver chains adorning the entire two-piece outfit.

Famous faces: Other A-Listers at the annual party, held during the 69th Cannes Film Festival at the luxurious Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc included Robert De Niro and his wife Grace Hightower

Notable personalities: Among the esteemed guests spotted at the exclusive bash, which took place amidst the grandeur of Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc during the 69th Cannes Film Festival, were Hollywood heavyweight Robert De Niro and his spouse, Grace Hightower.

A good looking pair: Robert's wife Grace made the most of her age-defying figure in a black gown with a defining bustier and a glamorous full bodied skirt

A perfect match: Grace, the wife of Robert, showcased her timeless beauty in an elegant black dress featuring a beautifully shaped bodice and a stunningly voluminous skirt.

Long time love: Even after 19 years of marriage, Robert and Grace appear to be the image of love 

Long-lasting love: Even after being married for 19 years, Robert and Grace continue to radiate love and affection.
Feeling envious? Reality TV star Chloe from TOWIE must have been in awe when she got the chance to party with a Kardashian, so she made sure to impress with her choice of attire – a stunning backless gown adorned with shimmering green sequins.
Robert De Niro looked incredibly handsome in his navy suit, which had a subtle shine to it. Meanwhile, his beautiful wife Grace Hightower, aged 61, showcased her age-defying figure in a black gown that accentuated her curves with a fitted bustier and a gracefully flared skirt.
While many A-list celebrities made their way to the party, there were also some lesser-known personalities who made their appearance on the red carpet, including British reality stars Chloe Sims and Mark Francis Vandelli.
Chloe, a star from TOWIE, must have been in awe to be partying alongside the likes of a Kardashian. She made sure to make a statement with her eye-catching choice of attire – a sultry backless gown adorned with shimmering green sequins that covered every inch of the fabric. Throughout the Cannes festivities, Chloe has been seen enjoying the company of millionaire property tycoon Robert Tchenguiz.
Representing the reality TV world, Made In Chelsea star Mark Francis added a touch of elegance in a white dinner jacket. He posed for pictures with glamorous brand ambassador Amanda Cronin, who looked stunning in a silver gown that exuded pure glamour.

TOWIE wowie: Chloe was joined yet again by millionaire property tycoon Robert Tchenguiz who she has been partying with throughout Cannes

TOWIE fabulous: Chloe was once again accompanied by the wealthy real estate mogul Robert Tchenguiz, whom she has been having a fantastic time with during their escapades in Cannes.

Reunion: Paris Hilton partied at the same extravagant bash as her old bestie Kim Kardashian

Gathering: Paris Hilton joined in the fun at a lavish celebration, where she happened to bump into her former close ally, Kim Kardashian.

Wave your hands in the air! Paris seemed to be having the time of her life as she reclined on a white sofa

Waving your hands in the air! Paris appeared to be thoroughly enjoying herself while lounging on a pristine white couch.

Strike a pose! The heiress seemed to be loving the chance to pose for snaps and happily obliged

Strike a pose! The heiress seemed to be loving the chance to pose for snaps and happily obliged

Strike a fashionable stance! The glamorous heiress appeared to thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to strike fashionable poses for photographs, eagerly cooperating with every click of the camera.

Two's company! The heiress cosied up to a pal as they threw a series of poses together on the sofas 

A dynamic duo! The wealthy woman got cozy with her friend as they struck multiple poses together on the couches.

Showtime: Paris dazzled in a gold and black fitted gown

Bold: Paris oozed glam in stunning diamond earrings and necklace at the do

Social butterfly: Paris was absolutely stunning as she returned to her favorite place – the extravagant Cannes Film Festival.

Model material: (L to R) Toni Garrn, Siran Manoukian and Mischa Barton gave the rest of the guests a run for their money in their thigh-split gowns by Siran

Fashionably showcasing their flawless style, the trio of Toni Garrn, Siran Manoukian, and Mischa Barton effortlessly outshone the other attendees with their captivating choices of thigh-split gowns courtesy of Siran. Setting hearts aflutter, Toni stunned in a mesmerizing Siran creation that combined a sultry low-cut neckline with a daring high thigh-split, making an alluring statement as the gown elegantly cascaded down to the floor.

Stunner: Milla Jovovich showed off some serious leg as she worked her magic at the venue

Impressive Display: Milla Jovovich effortlessly showcased her stunning legs while captivating attention at the event.

Leggy lady! The gown featured a daring thigh split that showed off one of her lean legs which were elongated by suede heels

Tall and graceful woman! The dress she wore had a bold slit, revealing one of her slender legs that looked even longer because of the suede heels she had on.

Glamour girls: Mischa  channelled old-school Hollywood glamour (L), while model Barbara Palvin stuck to all-black

Gorgeous ladies: Mischa exuded a vintage, Hollywood charm (L), while the stunning model Barbara Palvin chose an elegant all-black ensemble.

Chill vibes with a splash of sunshine: Godeliv Van Den Brandt, the talented actress, effortlessly stole the show with her mesmerizing lemon-colored gown. This gorgeous outfit boasted an elegant, cascading train and a daring bodice, adding just the right amount of allure.

Feathered fancy: Actress and fashion designer Georgina Chapman oozed sophistication in a chic feathered top 

Flaunting her impeccable style, actress and fashion maven Georgina Chapman exudes an air of refinement as she dons an elegant and stylish feather-adorned blouse.

Reality bites: Made In Chelsea star Mark Francis was also flying the flag for the reality contingent as he smartened things up in a white dinner jacket. He posed with glamorous brand ambassador Amanda Cronin who slipped into a glamorous silver gown

Reality TV personality Mark Francis looked dapper in a classy white dinner jacket, representing the reality show scene. He posed for photos alongside the glamorous Amanda Cronin, who stunned in a silver gown.
The stunning Caprice caught everyone’s eye in a sequinned dress that revealed an ample amount of cleavage. She styled her blonde locks into elegant curls that cascaded over her shoulder.
She also caught up with socialite Hofit Golan, who rocked a partially sheer dress with tasteful black embellishments that held everything together.
Meanwhile, the gorgeous Victoria Silvstedt stayed true to her signature glamorous style. Wearing a completely sheer gown, she confidently displayed her enviable cleavage in a captivating cornflower blue outfit.

Glitzy: Model Caprice caught up with socialite Hofit Golan, who was wearing a dangerously semi-sheer number which had black embellishments keeping everything in place

Smart: Caprice's partner and father of her children Ty Comfort was there on her arm

Glitzy: Model Caprice ran into the fashionable socialite Hofit Golan, who was rocking a daringly semi-transparent outfit adorned with elegant black embellishments to secure her look flawlessly.

Wowing the crowd: Glamourpuss Caprice dazzled in a perilously plunging sequinned gown which showed off an abundance of cleavage. She pulled her blonde tresses into a side parting with lustrous curls falling over her shoulder

Impressing the audience: The glamorous Caprice stole the show with her stunning, low-cut sequined dress that accentuated her ample cleavage. She styled her blonde hair with luscious curls falling gracefully over her shoulder.

Glamorous lady: Victoria Silvstedt, the beautiful Swedish model, maintained her signature glamorous appearance. She confidently showcased her impressive cleavage in a completely sheer gown, radiating elegance in the captivating cornflower blue outfit.

Show-stoppers: Ivana Trump (L) and Massimo Gargia pulled out all the stops in their very glitzy ensembles 

Impressive Display: Ivana Trump (L) and Massimo Gargia went all out with their extravagant outfits, stealing the show with their glamorous style.

Party time: Chris Tucker appeared to be in great spirits as he danced around in a grey polka dot suit

Party time: Chris Tucker appeared to be in great spirits as he danced around in a grey polka dot suit

Time to celebrate: Chris Tucker looked absolutely joyful as he grooved around in a stylish grey suit adorned with playful polka dots.

Rock on: Mia Moretti perched herself on a rock like structure as she posed for snaps

Rocking out: Mia Moretti found the perfect spot on a rock-like structure to strike a pose for some awesome shots.

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