Kim Kardashian flaunts her curves in sheer dress, making a bold fashion statement at Kanye’s show

Kim Kardashian stole the spotlight from Kanye West with her jaw-dropping appearance in a stunning silver dress the other night. However, she managed to outshine herself once again with an even racier outfit. The reality star, aged 35, left little to the imagination as she stepped out in a transparent black dress to attend her 39-year-old husband’s concert in Miami. Keep scrolling to watch the video.

That looks familiar! While Kourtney's outfit was jaw dropping, it certainly was reminiscent of a similar ensemble worn by Kim two weeks ago in Miami 

Impressive appearance: Kim Kardashian effortlessly embraced bold fashion by donning a stunning black dress that left very little to the imagination. This fashionable choice was captured as she made her way to husband Kanye West’s concert in Miami.

Peek-a-boo: She had no problem putting her famous assets on display

Game of hide-and-seek: She effortlessly flaunted her renowned physical features
The little black dress she wore revealed a completely transparent fabric, cleverly layered over a matching thong bodysuit, with Kanye by her side.
Naturally, Kim ensured that her most remarkable features were showcased, particularly her voluptuous derriere, emphasized by the form-fitting ensemble.
The bodysuit boasted a lingerie-like appearance, adorned with delicate lace detailing around the midsection, complemented by a stylish pair of white stiletto heels.

Eye-popping: The 35-year-old was scantily-clad in a see through number

Absolutely mesmerizing: The 35-year-old made heads turn with her daring choice of attire, wearing a revealing outfit that left little to the imagination.

Eye-popping: Surely she drew plenty of attention as the black bodysuit underneath resembled lingerie

Eye-popping: Surely she drew plenty of attention as the black bodysuit underneath resembled lingerie

Stunning: Undoubtedly, she captured the gaze of many with her daring choice of a black bodysuit that bore a striking resemblance to lingerie.

Taking the plunge: As if the sheer material already wasn't enough, the frock featured a very low-cut detailing 

Diving in: With its abundance of fabric and an added touch, the dress showcased a captivatingly revealing neckline.

On the prowl: She teamed the racy number with a pair of strappy white stilletos

On the hunt: She paired the daring outfit with a set of white, elegant heels.

What a gent! The 39-year-old rapper held the door for his ladylove so she could make her grand exit

What a gentleman! The rapper, who is 39 years old, graciously opened the door for his beloved, allowing her to make a grand departure.

Light side: Kanye wore all-white including baggy long-sleeve top, trousers and Adidas trainers

Kanye opted for a pristine and elegant all-white ensemble, encompassing a loose-fitting long-sleeve shirt, trendy trousers, and sleek Adidas sneakers.

What an exit: She proudly put her famous derriere on display as she hopped into the Mercedes-Benz pick-up vehicle

What a departure! With confidence, she showcased her renowned backside as she gracefully entered the Mercedes-Benz pickup vehicle. The star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians complemented her outfit with a stunning, sparkling necklace and a plush, white clutch. Her jet-black hair cascaded down her shoulders, while her evening makeup featured sultry smokey eyes and a hint of nude lip color. Although Kanye was seemingly an afterthought, he attracted attention in his pristine all-white ensemble, including a loose-fitting long-sleeve shirt, pants, and Adidas sneakers. Clearly content with her outfit, Kim took to her Snapchat to share multiple videos of her impeccable look.

Selfie time: She certainly seemed to be into her look as she took to Snapchat to document it

Time for a selfie: It was clear that she was fully immersed in her appearance as she turned to Snapchat to capture and share the moment.

'I love this bag': Kim proudly showed off her furry white accessory 

Kim gleefully flaunted her adorable furry white accessory, expressing, “This bag is absolutely fabulous!”

Moving and grooving: She also shared a slow-motion video of her behind as she walked away

Moving and grooving: She also shared a slow-motion video of her behind as she walked away

Getting in the groove: Furthermore, she posted a leisurely video capturing the mesmerizing movement of her backside as she sauntered away.

Ripped: Kim gushed over Kanye's toned arms

Kim expressed her admiration for the sculpted muscles of Kanye.

'Come and meet me in the bathroom stall': Kim made Kanye laugh by referencing one of his hit songs while taking a bathroom selfie

Kim entertained Kanye with a clever reference to one of his popular songs while capturing a bathroom selfie. In the video, she playfully beckoned him, saying, “Hey darling, why don’t you join me in the restroom stall?”

Her words alluded to their joint track with Jay-Z, aptly titled “N**** In Paris,” prompting Yeezus to burst into laughter.

Sisters! Kim shared this Snapchat pic of her with Kourtney as they enjoyed the concert

Ladies and gentlemen, behold the adorable snapshot that Kim graciously shared with the world through their Snapchat account. It captures the joyous moment when Kim and Kourtney were relishing a sensational concert experience together.

Back on stage: It's the second night in the row that Kanye has rapped in Miami with his Saint Pablo Show

Returning to the spotlight, Kanye West performed for the second consecutive night at his Saint Pablo Show in Miami. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian made heads turn once again with her bold fashion choice on Saturday. Surpassing her previous night’s ensemble, she wowed the audience in a dazzling silver dress that showcased a daring neckline, barely concealing her front. To complete her daring look, she paired the revealing dress with fawn-colored lace-up boots.

Silver siren: Kim may have even outdone her previous night's look as she upstaged her husband Kanye at his own concert on Friday thanks to that very revealing outfit

Kim stunned the crowd yet again with her jaw-dropping ensemble, stealing the spotlight from her husband Kanye during his concert on Friday. She effortlessly outshone her previous night’s appearance with a mesmerizing silver siren outfit that left little to the imagination.

Breathless: The dark-eyed Kim let her raven locks spill over her shoulder

Kim, with her mesmerizing dark eyes, effortlessly allowed her lustrous black locks to cascade down her shoulder.

What a vixen: The 35-year-old reality was out of this world gorgeous as she left the hotel with Kanye and headed to the AmericanAirlines Arena

What a vixen: The 35-year-old reality was out of this world gorgeous as she left the hotel with Kanye and headed to the AmericanAirlines Arena

What a captivating woman! This reality star, who is 35 years old, looked absolutely stunning as she departed the hotel alongside Kanye and made their way to the AmericanAirlines Arena.

Chest wars: While Kanye certainly showed good tone in his open shirt it couldn't compare to Kim's scantily clad front

Battle of the chests: Although Kanye made a bold statement with his unbuttoned shirt, it paled in comparison to Kim’s daring and revealing attire. Kim has been consistently pushing boundaries with her risqué outfits, as evidenced by her decision to go braless earlier that Saturday. Flaunting her ample cleavage, she confidently sported a sheer bodysuit that left little to the imagination, with her nipples clearly visible through the taupe one-piece. To complete the ensemble, the mother-of-two paired it with snug denim shorts and stylish lace-up heels.

Not the least bit shy: Earlier in the day on Saturday, Kim put her braless cleavage on display in a sheer bodysuit while leaving her Miami hotel

Completely unreserved: During the day on Saturday, Kim fearlessly showcased her exposed cleavage without wearing a bra, as she departed from her Miami hotel wearing a see-through bodysuit.

What a view:  The reality star's nipples were in full view in the taupe one-piece - which she paired with fitted denim shorts and lace-up heels

What a sight! The nipples of the television personality were completely exposed in the taupe swimsuit. She confidently rocked this look with tight denim shorts and trendy lace-up heeled shoes.

Wow: The Keeping Up With The Kardashian star chose a high-neck sleeveless one-piece made out of thin material

Oh my goodness: The celebrity from the famous reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians opted for a classy and chic outfit. She wore a stylish high-neck, sleeveless jumpsuit crafted from delicate and lightweight fabric.

In full view: The curvaceous reality star left her hotel in yet another braless get-up on Saturday - showing off her bare breasts in a sheer top

Easily observable: The attractive television personality confidently exited her hotel wearing yet another outfit without a bra on Saturday, proudly displaying her uncovered breasts through a see-through top.

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