Kim Kardashian confidently showcases her hourglass shape in trendy high-cut swimwear paired with a stylish lace-up crop top, while Kourtney opts for a bold cheeky thong look.

During her beach getaway in Mexico, Kim Kardashian confidently showcased her stunning hourglass shape. Embracing a vintage Dior bikini on Friday, she effortlessly displayed her curves. Keeping up with her daring fashion choices, just a couple of days later, the 36-year-old reality TV star once again turned heads in a barely-there beach ensemble. This time, she opted for high-cut black bikini bottoms that perfectly accentuated her famous curves. To complete the sultry look, Kim wore a lace-up crop top, leaving little to the imagination.

Curves ahead: Kim Kardashian highlighted her famous curves in another barely there beach look on Sunday in Mexico

Kim Kardashian showed off her well-known hourglass figure once again during her recent beach escapade in Mexico. Embracing her daring side, she opted for a barely-there beach outfit, accentuating her enviable curves effortlessly.

A toast to the good life: The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was joined by her sister Kourtney, who wore a racy thong swimsuit

Cheers to living the good life! Kim Kardashian, the famous star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, recently enjoyed a vacation with her sister Kourtney and a group of friends that included her assistant Stephanie Shepard, Larsa Pippen, Brittny Gastineau, Malika Haqq, and Hrush Achemyan. During their getaway, Kim confidently flaunted her curves in a trendy nineties-inspired thong swimsuit from L*Space, which accentuated her voluptuous hips and backside. Rather than donning a traditional bikini top, Kim opted for a sleek grey and black top with sleeves that tied at the hemline, revealing her toned stomach and ample chest. With her stylish and daring choice of swimwear, Kim truly embodied the epitome of a chic beach fashionista.

Girls' trip: The sisters are enjoying a break away from their kids 

Girls’ getaway: The sisters are thoroughly cherishing some well-deserved respite from their little ones.

A cut above: The siblings put their legs on show in barely there briefs 

Stepping up their game: The brothers and sisters proudly flaunt their legs in minuscule briefs.

Holiday in the sun: Kim showed off her sculpted legs and flat midriff in her revealing look 

Vacationing under the radiant sun: Kim confidently flaunted her well-toned legs and toned abs in her daring outfit.

Quite the view: Kim opted to forgo a bikini top, slipping on a sleeves grey and black top that knotted at the hemline

Quite the view: Kim opted to forgo a bikini top, slipping on a sleeves grey and black top that knotted at the hemline

What a stunning sight: Kim decided not to wear a bikini top and instead chose a stylish grey and black top with sleeves, which she tied at the bottom.

Vacation vibes: The star put her holiday tan on show in the L*Space bottoms

Holiday feels: Displaying her vacation glow, the celebrity flaunted her sun-kissed tan in a pair of L*Space bottoms.
Kim maintained a lavish atmosphere by accessorizing with gold reflective sunglasses that wrapped around her face.
Opting for a carefree look, the wife of Kanye West left her damp hair untied and kept her makeup minimal, sporting pink lipstick and well-defined eyebrows.
In a tweet which has since been deleted, Kim shared with her Twitter followers that she shed six pounds after experiencing a bout of the flu last week.

Picture perfect: The wife of Kanye West worked her best angles 

Capturing flawlessness: Kanye West’s partner flawlessly showcased her best poses

Brunette beauties: Kourtney showed off her defined stomach in her two-piece

Kourtney flaunted her well-toned midriff while donning a trendy two-piece swimsuit, showcasing her stunning brunette charm.

Body of work: Fitness fanatic Kourtney showed off her toned physique 

Kourtney, a dedicated fitness enthusiast, proudly displayed her well-toned body.
During the earlier part of the day, Kim was seen sunbathing in a minimalistic black bikini.
The brunette effortlessly combined this timeless two-piece with stylish small-framed sunglasses and neatly tied back hair.
Meanwhile, Kourtney, her elder sister, captivated onlookers with her striking black swimsuit featuring thong bottoms and a top reminiscent of a sports bra.

Cheers to fun: Kourtney enjoyed a glass of wine 

Here’s to having a great time: Kourtney savored a glass of vino.

Not shy in the least: Kourtney showed off her derriere in her black thong bikini

Fearless when it comes to flaunting her assets, Kourtney confidently showcased her curvaceous bottom in a sleek black thong swimsuit.

Having a good time: Kourtney was in high spirits during their holiday

Enjoying herself: Kourtney was in great mood throughout their vacation.

She's coordinated! Kourtney was seen doing a cartwheel in the grass as  Kim watched on

Look at her impressive coordination! Kourtney exhibited her skills by effortlessly performing a cartwheel on the lush green grass, while Kim observed in awe.

Head over heels: The star showed off her impressive skills  

Totally besotted: The celebrity flaunted her remarkable abilities
Last Friday, Kim donned a vintage Dior swimsuit with a delightful pattern, featuring a well-structured top and matching bottoms.
The mother of North and Saint West accentuated her stunning appearance with hoop earrings, necklaces, and trendy sunglasses.
Kim opted for a chic hairstyle by parting her hair down the middle and tying it into a classy low bun.

Relaxing: Earlier in the day, Kim was spotted tanning in a simple black bikini 

Unwind Mode: Kim was recently seen sunbathing, clad in a minimalist black bikini.

Classic look: The brunette paired the classic two-piece with small framed sunglasses and pulled back locks

Timeless appearance: The brown-haired woman combined the traditional matching top and bottom with stylishly small sunglasses and her hair neatly tied back.

Tanlines: Kim was seen lounging in her bikini with her make-up artist Joyce and Kourtney (r)

Beach Vibes: Kim effortlessly rocked her swimsuit while hanging out with her trusted makeup artist, Joyce, and her sister, Kourtney.

Enjoying the sunshine: Kim chose a vintage Dior swimsuit for her Friday beach day in Mexico

Basking in the warmth of the sun: Kim donned a remarkable vintage Dior swimsuit for her delightful beach escapade in the beautiful land of Mexico.

Snapchat season: Kim shared a video of herself rocking the colorful look, adding that the two-piece is vintage Dior

Kim took to Snapchat to show off her vibrant ensemble, proudly announcing that her stylish outfit was a vintage Dior.

Carefree: Kim turned around and showed her backside, adding emojis to say: 'Kiss my a**'

Uninhibited: Kim playfully turned and playfully exposed her rear, using emojis to express a cheeky message: ‘Give me a smooch on the behind’.

Pucker up: The brunette gave her Snapchat followers a kiss after her beach outing

Get ready for a smooch: The dark-haired lady shared a kiss with her Snapchat fans following her fun day at the beach.

Fit form: Kourtney posed with her backside facing the camera in risque snap

Kourtney effortlessly flaunted her curves, playfully posing for the camera with her backside as the central focus in a daring social media snapshot.

Quite the pair: Kourtney showed off her futuristic sunglasses while seated with makeup artist Joyce Bonelli

A delightful duo: Kourtney flaunted her trendy eyewear as she sat alongside the talented makeup artist, Joyce Bonelli.

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