Gal Gadot’s Perspective on the Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza: An Exclusive Insight.

Gal Gadot, a native of Israel, has been using her social media platforms to show her support for her fellow citizens amidst the ongoing conflict with Hamas. Recently, militants from Hamas invaded Israel and the Israeli military reports that over 1,200 people have been killed. These attacks were allegedly carried out in response to the deteriorating living conditions faced by Palestinians under Israeli occupation.

Israel has launched an operation called “Swords of Iron” as a response to Hamas attacks. The densely populated Gaza Strip has been experiencing constant airstrikes and Israel has prevented the entry of essential supplies such as food, fuel, and medicine, resulting in deteriorating humanitarian conditions for the 2.3 million people living in the area. Recently, an explosion occurred at al-Ahli Hospital in northern Gaza and the Palestinian Health Ministry stated that nearly 500 people, including those displaced under Israeli evacuation orders, lost their lives. While Palestinian militants and officials accused Israel of launching an airstrike, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) personnel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attributed the incident to an accidental rocket fired by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group.

According to The Associated Press, before the hospital explosion, approximately 1,400 Israelis and 2,778 Palestinians were killed, and around 200 people were held captive in the October 7th attack. Amidst the ongoing conflict, Wonder Woman actress Gadot has taken to her social media platforms to showcase the struggles of the Israelis who have been taken hostage by Hamas. Gadot’s Instagram feed includes posts featuring the Star of David with the statement “I stand with Israel” and hashtags such as “#ReleaseTheHostages” and “#BringThemBack.” Her efforts have not gone unnoticed, with one Instagram user praising the star for using her platform of over 109 million followers to raise awareness and be a voice for her people.

Gadot’s recent social media posts have garnered a lot of attention, with many users commenting “Free Palestine” in response. However, the actress has chosen to focus on the plight of Israelis who have been taken by militants and has not responded to the comments about Palestine. It is possible that Gadot’s silence on the issue stems from her previous statement in which she condemned the killing of innocent Palestinians and Israelis alike. This statement was met with criticism, and Israeli TV host Ofira Asayag accused Gadot of deleting the post out of concern for her career. Asayag urged Gadot to see the devastating impact the conflict has had on Israel and to keep silent on the matter.

According to reports, Gadot responded to the backlash by apologizing to Ofira and clarifying that she only wants to raise awareness about the struggles of Israel and garner support from around the world. She expressed her deep sadness over the ongoing conflict and pledged to continue advocating for her country. Newsweek has reached out to Gadot’s representative for further comment. In 2021, the Prime Minister’s son, Yair Netanyahu, criticized Gadot for her “neutral” stance on the Gaza conflict, with her statement being deemed as too impartial.

In the wake of social media posts made by celebrities like Amy Schumer and Mia Khalifa about the ongoing war, it seems wise for public figures to be mindful of the opinions they express. Evan Nierman, the CEO of Red Banyan, a global PR firm, believes that the backlash these celebrities faced reflects a broader social problem. Nierman, who authored the book “The Cancel Culture Curse,” explains that Schumer’s critics are often anonymous online users who attack celebrities to make themselves relevant in the conversation. He adds that social media has become a platform for criticism and hostility, where ad hominem attacks are rampant. Regardless of the celebrity, Nierman suggests that social media has become a bloodsport of negativity.

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