Gal Gadot Shines as a Marvelous Wonder Woman, Stunning in a Brilliantly Sequined Red Givenchy Dress at Los Angeles Premiere

In a mesmerizing red sequined dress, Gal Gadot brought high voltage to the world premiere of her latest movie, Wonder Woman. The 32-year-old Israeli actress shone brightly in a captivating Givenchy gown adorned with stripes and featuring a halter neck and a daring plunging neckline.

Posing for the cameras at the prestigious event held in Los Angeles, she confidently showcased her décolletage in the alluring ensemble.

Red hot! Gal Gadot dazzled crowds in a sequined Givenchy gown at the world premiere of Wonder Woman on Thursday in Los Angeles

Sizzling hot! Gal Gadot mesmerized audiences at the grand premiere of Wonder Woman in Los Angeles on Thursday, donning a stunning Givenchy dress adorned with sequins. The sleeveless gown accentuated her incredibly toned arms, drawing all eyes towards them. Emphasizing her figure, two strips of shimmering fabric gracefully wrapped around her chest, revealing a tastefully placed glimpse of cleavage. Completing the ensemble, Gadot chose glimmering gladiator sandals and adorned her wrists with an array of gold bracelets from the renowned jeweler Tiffany & Co., including a remarkable 18k gold ‘Out of Retirement’ loop bracelet valued at an astounding $12,500. To top it all off, the brunette beauty opted for an elegant bun hairstyle, allowing her radiant skin to take center stage.

Peek-a-boo! The pretty actress, 32, flashed some cleavage in the sleeveless number that had a halter neck

Guess who’s playing a little game of peek-a-boo? This stunning and youthful actress, aged 32, elegantly revealed a tasteful hint of décolletage with a sleeveless dress featuring a stylish halter neck.

Queen of the Amazon! The Israeili star was all smiles as she greeted fans as she arrived at the screening

The majestic ruler of the Amazon! With sheer joy lighting up her face, the Israeli sensation delighted her adoring fans as she made a grand entrance at the movie premiere.

Stunning! The gown had stripes and a full skirt creating a glamorous appeal

How incredible! The dress showcased elegant stripes and a voluminous skirt, evoking a captivating and glamorous allure.

Revealing: Gadot put her toned physique on show in  he designer number and wore her brunette locks in a sophisticated updo

Revealing: Gadot put her toned physique on show in  he designer number and wore her brunette locks in a sophisticated updo

In a stunning fashion statement, Gadot flaunted her well-toned body in a chic designer outfit, coupled with an elegant updo that perfectly complemented her brunette locks. As the actress graciously interacted with her devoted fans, eager crowds eagerly sought her attention, vying to secure autographs and capture selfies with their beloved star. Gadot’s portrayal of this iconic character follows in the footsteps of the legendary Lynda Carter, who first captivated audiences on television. Furthermore, her standalone film marks the freshest addition to the ever-expanding Justice League franchise.

Meet and greet: The star made sure to spend time with fans, signing autographs and taking several selfies

Socializing with fans was a top priority for the celebrity, who dedicated ample time to connect with them through autographs and capturing numerous selfies.

Big hit: She was the center of attention

Major success: All eyes were on her.

Glamour: Gadot, who also starred in Furious 7, proved she has star power

Gadot, known for her role in the action-packed film Furious 7, effortlessly showed off her star quality at the glamorous event. However, she wasn’t the only one who brought the essence of Wonder Woman to the premiere. The original Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter, delighted fans by gracing the occasion at the age of 65. The iconic duo shared a light-hearted moment as they playfully raised their hands and bowed towards each other, eventually embracing in a heartwarming hug. Carter, famously known for her portrayal of Wonder Woman in the beloved television series during the late 70s, brought a touch of nostalgia to an event dedicated to the new generation’s superheroine.

I'm not worthy! Gadot and original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter greeted each other with bows at the premiere

I can’t believe it! Gal Gadot and the iconic Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, exchanged greetings with bows during the premiere event.

Hugs! The two shared a warm embrace on the blue carpet

Embracing with affection, the two individuals shared a heartfelt hug while standing on the vibrant blue carpet.

Double the wonder! Gadot simpered as she posed with the veteran actress who starred in the TV series of the comic book from 1975 to 1979

Gadot couldn’t contain her excitement as she struck a pose alongside the esteemed actress who portrayed the iconic comic book character on the television screens between 1975 and 1979. The sense of awe was doubled as they stood side by side, capturing the timeless essence of their respective roles.

Gorgeous:  Carter was divine in a tailored black suit with white blouse and black slingbacks and she added diamond and sapphire pendant earrings

Stunning: Carter looked absolutely heavenly in a well-fitted black suit paired with a crisp white blouse and elegant black slingback shoes. To enhance her ensemble, she adorned herself with exquisite earrings featuring dazzling diamonds and vibrant sapphires.

Girl power! Gadot and carter posed with the film's director posed  Patty Jenkins

Power of women! Gadot and Carter were seen in a cheerful pose alongside the talented director of the movie, Patty Jenkins.

He's her man: Gadot got a sweet kiss on the arrivals line from her husband Yaron Versano

Gadot received a affectionate kiss from her husband Yaron Versano as they walked the arrivals line together. She struck a pose for the cameras, and her loving husband stood nearby to show his support. Yaron looked incredibly sharp in his sleek black suit and couldn’t resist stealing a moment to plant a red carpet kiss on his leading lady. Later, Gadot took a photo with her stylish co-star Chris Pine to capture the memory of their time together.

Co-stars: The brunette beauty also posed with co-star  Chris Pine, who was dapper in a blue suit with waistcoat and skinny tie

Co-stars: Additionally, the attractive brunette was seen taking a photo alongside her fellow actor Chris Pine. Chris looked quite stylish in a dashing blue suit paired with a waistcoat and a slim tie.

Fan favorite! The Star Trek star plays Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman and had a great time interacting with fans

Beloved by fans! The talented actor from Star Trek pleasantly embraces the role of Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman, thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to engage with admirers.

She's a beauty: : Robin Wright who stars as General Antiope exuded elegance in a sleeveless and backless black dress with asymmetrical hem

She’s truly stunning: Robin Wright, the talented actress portraying General Antiope, radiated grace and sophistication as she donned a captivating sleeveless and backless black gown featuring a unique asymmetrical hemline.

Queen bee: Connie Nielsen, who stars as Queen Hippolyta, was pretty in a full-length sleeveless patterned gown with diamond cuff 

Queen Hippolyta, portrayed by Connie Nielsen, looked stunning in a beautiful, sleeveless gown adorned with intricate patterns and paired with a diamond cuff.

Chris Pine, known for his role in Star Trek and playing Steve Trevor, appeared dashing in a navy suit, complemented by a waistcoat, a skinny tie, and impeccably polished shoes. The rugged stubble across his chiseled chin added a relaxed touch to his overall look.

As the cast posed together, Chris took the time to mingle with fans and even stopped to take some selfies with them at the bleachers.

Ebony and Ivory: Alexandra Siegel was angelic in a one-shouldered white gown while stunt actress Samantha Jo oozed dark glamour in her plunging black dress

Ebony and Ivory: Alexandra Siegel was angelic in a one-shouldered white gown while stunt actress Samantha Jo oozed dark glamour in her plunging black dress

Ebony and Ivory: Alexandra Siegel looked like a heavenly vision in her elegant white dress with a single shoulder, while the talented stunt actress Samantha Jo exuded a magnetic aura of deep allure, dazzling everyone in her daring plunging black gown.

Birds of a feather! Elena Anaya went all out in a while dress adorned with feathered shoulders and metallic belts

Matching with her companions, Elena Anaya made a bold fashion statement by donning a stunning white dress embellished with feathered shoulder details and metallic belts.

Color pop! Arrow's Caity Lotz's purple tresses stole attention from her chic tuxedo-inspired look, which she accessorized with Alexis Bittar jewelry

Get ready to be dazzled by some seriously stylish celebrities! Caity Lotz, known for her role in Arrow, turned heads with her vibrant purple hair stealing the spotlight from her chic tuxedo-inspired outfit. Adding a touch of elegance, Caity accessorized with stunning Alexis Bittar jewelry. Meanwhile, actress Robin Wright, who portrays General Antiope, wowed in a sleeveless black gown with an asymmetrical hem, creating a sophisticated and fashionable look. Connie Nielson, playing the powerful Queen Hippolyta, opted for a navy dress with layers that exuded elegance and grace. And let’s not forget about martial artist Samantha Jo, who plays Euboea in the film. She embraced glamour in a captivating black dress featuring a sheer lace bodice and a plunging neckline. To complete her look, Samantha rocked a bold plum colored lip and perfectly styled retro waves. These ladies know how to make a statement!

Leggy lady! Fitness model Brooke Ence also opted for a thigh-baring look, donning black shorts with a long-sleeve chiffon blouse

Leggy lady! Fitness model Brooke Ence also opted for a thigh-baring look, donning black shorts with a long-sleeve chiffon blouse

Tall and stunning! Brooke Ence, a prominent fitness model, chose to flaunt her thigh-exposing style by pairing black shorts with a elegant long-sleeved chiffon blouse.

Shining star! Hostess Erin Robinson showed off her thin stems in a black and silver minidress

Glowing beacon! Erin Robinson, our delightful hostess, confidently flaunted her slender legs in a stunning minidress adorned with an enchanting black and silver design.

Flower power! Castle's Molly Quinn spiced up her simple black dress with a fuchsia colored floral duster with pale pink lining

Embracing the flower power trend, Castle’s Molly Quinn added a vibrant touch to her understated black dress by pairing it with a fuchsia floral duster featuring delicate pale pink lining.

Best date! Kellan Lutz was ever the gentleman at the event, bringing his mom as his date

The perfect date! Kellan Lutz showed his chivalrous side at the occasion by inviting his mother to accompany him as his partner.

Cute couple: MMA fighter Tito Ortiz and girlfriend Amber Nichole Miller couldn't keep their hands off each other on the red carpet

Adorable duo: Tito Ortiz, the MMA fighter, and his partner Amber Nichole Miller were incredibly affectionate as they walked the red carpet, unable to resist each other’s touch.

Ka-pow! Although she was dressed up, pro stunt woman,  Jessie Graffstill showed off her stellar strength in her pretty pink premiere dress

Boom! Despite being all dolled up, professional stuntwoman Jessie Graff still managed to flaunt her amazing strength while rocking her gorgeous pink premiere gown.
Emerging talent Alexandra Siegel looked absolutely heavenly in her elegant cream-colored dress, complete with a trendy one-shoulder style and cascading golden locks.
The stunning Spanish actress Elena Anaya pulled out all the stops, donning a striking white dress adorned with feathered shoulders and metallic belts. In the film, she portrays the character Maru / Dr. Poison.
Caity Lotz, known for her role in “Arrow,” turned heads with her vibrant purple hair, stealing the spotlight from her stylish tuxedo-inspired ensemble. To complement her look, she accessorized with some stunning Alexis Bittar jewelry.

Two peas in a pod! Carter and Gadot had fun in the carpet

A perfect match! Carter and Gadot enjoyed a delightful time on the lush carpet.

Walking in her footsteps: They seemed perfectly at ease in each other's company

Taking a stroll following the path she paved: Their synergy was evident as they effortlessly connected with one another.

Funny seeing you here! Gal was excited to see co-star Elena Anaya at the event

What a surprise to run into you here! Gal couldn’t contain her excitement when she spotted her fellow co-star Elena Anaya at the event.

The real Wonder Woman! Jenkins is the first women to direct a major studio's big budget summer release

Meet the true embodiment of Wonder Woman! Jenkins has paved her way as the trailblazing female director entrusted with the responsibility of helming a groundbreaking blockbuster from a major film studio during the vibrant summer season.

All together now: The cast lined up for a group shot on the red carpet 

Everyone came together: The entire cast gathered in a row for a collective photo on the iconic red carpet.

Glamorous: The red carpet was awash with ultra glamorous looks 

Elegant: The red carpet was filled with stunning and luxurious appearances. Erin Robinson, the hostess, looked fabulous in a stylish black and silver minidress, emphasizing her slender legs. Fitness model Brooke Ence also chose a daring look, pairing black shorts with a chic long-sleeve chiffon blouse that revealed her toned thighs.

The handsome Kellan Lutz was the perfect gentleman, accompanying his mother as his date to the event. Molly Quinn from the show Castle added a touch of excitement to her plain black dress, enhancing it with a vibrant fuchsia-colored floral duster featuring delicate pale pink lining.

After-party: Gal and Lynda Carter chatted at the star-studded after-party 

Post-event: Gal and Lynda Carter engaged in conversation during an extravagant after-party attended by numerous celebrities.

Strike a pose: The event celebrated a successful UK premiere for the film

Strike a pose: The event celebrated a successful UK premiere for the film

Strike a pose: The occasion marked a triumphant introduction of the movie in the United Kingdom.

Cheers! Gal toasted the successful evening with a glass of bubbly 

Hooray! Gal celebrated the delightful night by raising a glass of sparkling champagne.
In a vibrant pink attire, professional stuntwoman Jessie Graff effortlessly displayed her incredible power while flawlessly executing a high kick.
MMA fighter Tito Ortiz and his girlfriend Amber Nichole Miller seemed deeply in love, affectionately sharing a kiss before entering the venue to enjoy the first showing.
Mark your calendars, as Wonder Woman is set to hit theaters across the United States on June 2.

Joining forces: Jacqui-Lee Pryce and Mayling Ng looked the picture of elegance

Coming together: Jacqui-Lee Pryce and Mayling Ng truly embodied grace and sophistication.

Red hot: Gal looked impossibly beautiful in her scarlet frock

Red hot: Gal looked impossibly beautiful in her scarlet frock

Sizzling: The woman appeared unbelievably stunning in her vibrant crimson dress.

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