Football Stars Lionel Messi, Cesc Fabregas, and Luis Suarez Flaunt their Fit Bodies as they Set Sail on an Extravagant Ibiza Cruise with their Stylish Partners and Adorable Children

They are three of the brightest stars in the world of football. Lionel Messi, Cesc Fabregas, and Luis Suarez, all aged 34, took some time off from their demanding careers to relax during a family vacation in Ibiza on Friday. Accompanied by their respective spouses, Antonela Roccuzzo, Daniella Semaan, and Sofia Balbi, the trio enjoyed the sun on the luxurious Inspiration yacht, which costs an astonishing €77,000 per week to rent.
Lionel, who is a proud father of three boys – Thiago (8), Mateo (5), and Ciro (3) – together with Antonela, made the most of the boat ride, cherishing the moments with his children. Cesc, on the other hand, shares two daughters and a son – Lia (8), Capri (6), and Leonardo (4) – with Daniella, whom he married in a glamorous ceremony in 2018. Alongside his own children, Cesc considers himself a father figure to Daniella’s two children from her previous marriage, proudly referring to himself as a “father of five.” Completing the group was Luis, who tied the knot with Sofia in 2009 and is a loving father to his daughter Delfina (10), and sons Benjamin (7) and Lautaro (2).
Daniella, at the age of 46, looked absolutely stunning during the outing, wearing a stylish polka dot bikini along with matching houndstooth shorts that accentuated her slender waist.

Here come the girls! Cesc's wife Daniella was getting up close with Luis' wife Sofia, as they both looked upon the latter's cleavage

Chic: The duo were dressed in trendy ensembles for the journey

Get ready for the ladies’ arrival! Daniella, Cesc’s spouse, was engaging in a friendly conversation with Sofia, Luis’ wife, all while their attention momentarily shifted towards Sofia’s revealing neckline.

Kicking back! Lionel was in ultimate chill mode as he sprawled on the back of the boat

Relaxing to the fullest! Lionel embraced the epitome of tranquility, lounging leisurely on the stern of the boat.

Oh! The ladies were engrossed in chat as they put on their glamorous displays on the boat

Ah! The women were deeply engaged in conversation while showcasing their elegant attire on the yacht.

The whole gang: Antonela was not to be beaten in the glamour realms as she put on a show-stopping display in a brightly coloured dress and chic hat as she tucked into food with the rest of the high profile group

All the members of the gang gathered together, and Antonela stole the spotlight with her stunning appearance. She mesmerized everyone with a vibrant dress and a stylish hat while enjoying a delicious meal alongside the other prominent individuals.

Chilled out! Lionel and Luis chatted away while the former sipped on a drink

Laid-back! Lionel and Luis engaged in conversation while the former savored his beverage.

My boy! Lionel kicked back with his eldest son Thiago, eight, in between dips in the sea

Ah, my little man! Lionel relaxed on the beach, enjoying some quality time with his oldest son, Thiago, who is eight years old. They took breaks from swimming in the ocean to bond and catch up.

Jump in! It was certainly a full house on the yacht as they launched themselves into the water

Come on aboard! The little yacht was packed to the brim with excited individuals as they eagerly dove into the refreshing water.

Sweet: Lionel shares family updates on social media, posting this stunning shot of his brood earlier this month

Lovely: Lionel keeps his followers up-to-date with his family’s latest happenings by sharing captivating snapshots on social media, including a breathtaking photograph of his loved ones that he posted recently.

Cute! Luis is also a keen social media user and often poses with his family

How adorable! Luis not only loves using social media, but he also enjoys capturing precious moments with his family and sharing them online.

During their conversation, she spoke affectionately to Sofia, who was impeccably dressed in a stylish white outfit that seemed to be generating a lot of buzz. The two of them leaned in closely as they chatted, with Daniella even placing her hand on her own chest.

Antonela, not one to be outdone in terms of glamour, made a show-stopping entrance in a vibrant dress and a chic hat. She joined the rest of the high-profile group in indulging in delicious food.

Considering their vast combined wealth, the €77,000 price tag for a week-long outing was merely a drop in the bucket for these three individuals.

Close crew: Cesc meanwhile shares two daughters and a son - Lia, eight, Capri, six, and Leonardo, four - with Daniella, to whom he tied the knot in 2018 in a star-studded ceremony. She has two children from a previous marriage, and Cesc calls himself 'a father of five' in a nod to his relationship with his step-kids

Tightly-knit Team: In the meantime, Cesc also cherishes a strong bond with his two daughters and son – Lia, aged eight, Capri, aged six, and Leonardo, aged four – with his wife Daniella. Their wedding in 2018 was a grand affair attended by many well-known personalities. Additionally, Daniella has two children from a previous marriage, and Cesc affectionately considers himself as a proud father of five, acknowledging the love and connection he shares with his stepchildren.

Here come the boys! While the parents were engrossed in chat, the kids enjoyed the spoils of the vessel

Here they come, the boys are on their way! As the parents got lost in conversation, the children gleefully indulged in the treasures the ship had to offer.

A helping hand: Luis helped his son Benjamin, seven, as they frolicked on the deck of the swanky boat

Sweet! He scooped up the tot as they made their way across the deck

Extending a helping hand: Luis lent his support to his seven-year-old son, Benjamin, as they joyfully played on the luxurious boat’s deck. Meanwhile, Lionel showered affection on one of the youngest members aboard by gently picking them up, showcasing his caring fatherly instincts.

Wow: With their eye-popping combined wealth, it was a drop in the ocean for the trio to enjoy a day at €77,000 a week

Impressive: The immense wealth possessed by these individuals allowed them to indulge in a leisurely week at a cost of €77,000, which was merely a fraction for them.

Amazing: The yacht is listed on the World Yacht Group website as: 'A work of true state-of-the-art nautical design, the perfect combination of wonder and amazement, and an awe-inspiring blend of luxury and technology'

Incredible: The World Yacht Group website showcases the yacht as something truly exceptional in terms of maritime innovation. It seamlessly brings together a sense of awe and astonishment, while effortlessly blending opulence with cutting-edge technology.

On and off! Lionel went from showing off his buff body to putting a T-shirt on

Stylish: His trendy tattoo collection was on full display

In a spontaneous fashion, Lionel effortlessly transitioned from proudly displaying his muscular physique to modestly slipping on a simple T-shirt.

The luxury yacht can be found on the World Yacht Group website, described as a magnificent piece of nautical craftsmanship that seamlessly merges innovative design with pure amazement. It is a mesmerizing combination of opulence and cutting-edge technology.

This magnificent vessel effortlessly combines sophistication and advanced technology to provide the ultimate onboard experience. The sun deck offers ample space for relaxation, with a comfortable lounge dinette and a spacious sun pad.

At night, the yacht comfortably accommodates 8 individuals in 4 well-appointed cabins, while during the day, it can host up to 12 people. The deck is thoughtfully designed, featuring a dining area, a sports flybridge, and numerous sunbathing spots, making it the perfect space to unwind, soak up the sun, and enjoy quality time with loved ones.

Woo! Luis ventured into the water for some fun as he embraced the crystalline waters for the zip around

Yay! Luis decided to plunge into the refreshing water for a joyful experience, fully embracing the sparkling clear waters as he smoothly glided through them.

Bold: Lionel was making a splash as he stepped out while showing off his vast leg tattoo

Having a laugh: The group were throwing themselves wholeheartedly into the activity of the day

Lionel was definitely making a statement when he confidently emerged with his eye-catching leg tattoo on display.

Everyone in! The group were piling into the waters for the day on the water

All aboard! The team enthusiastically boarded the boat, ready for a fun-filled day out on the open sea.

Zipping around! Watersports were the call of the day as the group larked around together

Zooming around! The group enjoyed engaging in water activities, having a playful time together.

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