Enjoying the Outdoors: Pregnant Gal Gadot and Husband Lunch in Tel Aviv

Gal Gadot, who has been candid about her pregnancy since November, was spotted enjoying an outdoor lunch with her husband, Yaron Varsano in Tel Aviv. Though she wore a trendy denim jacket that concealed her baby bump, the actress appeared beaming and joyful as she sat down at a cozy table.

All smiles: Though Gal Gadot's been public about her pregnancy since early November, her bump was still barely detectable on Tuesday

Despite being visibly pregnant since early November, Gal Gadot was spotted out and about with her husband, sporting a pair of black thick-rimmed butterfly sunglasses. She completed her look with intricately patterned grey and black leggings that highlighted her toned legs. Her outfit was accentuated by white trainers with pops of green. Gal’s hair was tied back into a tight ponytail while she enjoyed a meal with her husband at a Rothschild Blvd eatery. Her husband looked equally stylish in a dark brown T-shirt that showcased his well-built arms.

The 31-year-old was spotted stepping out for an alfresco lunch in Tel Aviv, settling down at a small table opposite her husband Yaron Varsano

The 31-year-old actress was spotted enjoying a lunch date with her husband Yaron Varsano in Tel Aviv. The couple has been happily married since 2008 and they are blessed with a beautiful daughter named Alma. Despite her success, Gal Gadot has faced criticism for her portrayal of Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and the upcoming Justice League film. Recently, the United Nations caused controversy by naming the fictional character as an Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls during a ceremony held at their headquarters in New York City back in October of last year.

Backstory: The Rosh HaAyin native and her real estate developer husband have been married since 2008, and she delivered their firstborn child, a daughter called Alma, three years later

The couple from Rosh HaAyin, who have been married for more than ten years and have a daughter named Alma, recently attended a celebration where Gal Gadot and Lynda Carter were also present. However, there were demonstrators outside the venue. After the event, some members of the United Nations drafted an online petition to the outgoing Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, expressing concern about the ambassadorship decision. They urged the organization to reconsider since they thought it was inappropriate for the United Nations to choose a character with an overtly sexualized image at a time when women and girls’ objectification was being highlighted in the news worldwide.

Casually chic: Black thick-rimmed butterfly sunglasses were sat on her face, and she emphasised her toned legs in a pair of intricately patterned grey aand black leggings

In a casual and stylish manner, she confidently wore bold butterfly sunglasses in black and paired them with intricately designed leggings in shades of grey and black that accentuated her well-defined legs. A petition was created to remove Wonder Woman’s ambassadorship, gaining 44,893 supporters out of its 45,000 goal, leading to the UN revoking her title last month. Gadot expressed her frustration with those who believe that Wonder Woman should “cover up,” stating that it’s unfair to say that she can’t be smart, strong, and sexy all at once. As a former Israel Defense Forces soldier, Gadot firmly believes that Wonder Woman can embody all of these qualities without question.

Incoming: This summer, the actress will reprise her Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice role as Wonder Woman in the forthcoming Justice League film

This summer promises to be full of superhero excitement as the talented actress reprises her role as Wonder Woman in the upcoming Justice League film, following her previous appearance in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

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