Elizabeth Olsen shows off her fit legs in mini shorts while walking around lively Los Angeles

Elizabeth Olsen spent the weekend at the glamorous Sundance Film Festival, where she was busy promoting a number of films. However, it was business as usual for the 27-year-old as she maintained her fitness routine with a brisk stroll in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Embracing the serenity of Los Angeles, Elizabeth Olsen delighted in a rejuvenating walk on Tuesday. Unfazed by the winter chill, she confidently showcased a playful side, flaunting her skin in a stylish ensemble. Adorned in a captivating blend of black shorts, a long-sleeved top, and trendy trainers, the actress exuded effortless charm. With her hair cascading down in sleek locks, she accessorized her look with circular framed sunglasses, adding an air of sophistication. Engrossed in her own world, Elizabeth relished in solitary moments, relishing the refreshing ambiance.

Spicing things up: Olsen bravely defied the frosty winter conditions by flaunting her flawless skin without hesitation. Elizabeth was immersed in a whirlwind of promotions for her latest cinematic creations, Wind River and Ingrid Goes West, during the prestigious Sundance Film Festival. The talented actress graced the festival with her presence at the grand premiere of these two extraordinary films. Wind River showcases Jeremy Renner as Cory Lambert, a dedicated US Fish Wildlife agent, while Elizabeth portrays the role of Jane Banner, a fearless rookie FBI agent.

Taking a moment for oneself: With a serene demeanor, the actress savored a solitary experience amidst nature’s embrace.
Engaging in a thorough inquiry surrounding the tragic death and assault of a young girl named Lambert, the investigators confront the brutal realities of the untamed wilderness within the confines of the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming.
In the movie “Ingrid Goes West”, Elizabeth takes on the role of Taylor, a renowned figure in the realm of social media whose captivating online persona captivates a mentally unstable Ingrid, portrayed by Aubrey Plaza.

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