Discover Taylor Swift’s Go-To Eyeliner for Her Iconic Cat Eye Look

Taylor Swift is famous for her iconic bright red lipstick, which she confidently flaunts during her incredible Eras tour, on various album covers, and even while strolling through the bustling streets of New York City. However, her stunning red lip is not complete without her flawlessly executed cat eye, even though it may not attract as much attention. While we have managed to discover some of the red lipsticks Taylor Swift prefers, her preferred eyeliner has long been shrouded in secrecy—until today.

Beauty expert and content creator Kristina Rodulfo recently shared a fascinating Instagram video in which she reveals Taylor Swift’s go-to eyeliner. While watching Swift’s documentary Miss Americana, Rodulfo couldn’t help but notice a scene where the singer was masterfully applying her signature cat eye. Upon closer inspection of the pen Swift used, Rodulfo quickly identified it as the Tom Ford Beauty Eye Defining Pen ($62), thanks to its distinctive golden details.

In her video, Rodulfo commends Swift for her excellent choice in eyeliners, stating that it’s also one of her personal favorites. What sets this eyeliner apart is its dual-tip design, featuring two different thicknesses. One tip is ideal for creating bold strokes, while the other is perfect for intricate detailing. Rodulfo emphasizes that the formula is exceptional, guaranteeing a precise wing no matter which side she uses.

It’s evident that Swift’s meticulous attention to detail extends beyond her music to her makeup routine. With the Tom Ford Beauty Eye Defining Pen in hand, both Swift and Rodulfo confidently achieve flawless cat eyes.

Rodulfo also provided some helpful advice for achieving a flawless Taylor Swift wing. The genius suggests using your finger to position itself just below your eyebrow, delicately lifting your eyelid. Next, take the precise end of the pen with your other hand and carefully fill in the gaps between your lashes and any areas on your waterline that require extra attention. This technique not only ensures a seamless application but also guarantees you the coveted, impeccably shaped wing that Taylor Swift flawlessly rocks.

Praising Swift’s decision, the originator commended her selection of phrases, asserting that it holds a special place in her heart due to its innovative design – featuring dual tips of varying thicknesses. With one tip perfect for broader brush strokes, and the other tailored for precise details, it offers the best of both worlds. Additionally, she expressed her fondness for the formula, emphasizing that regardless of which side she opts for, it consistently delivers an impeccably sharp wing.

Rodulfo also provided some handy advice for achieving the ultimate Taylor Swift wing look. According to the expert, the ingenious technique involves gently positioning a finger just beneath your eyebrow to lift the eyelid. Subsequently, with your other hand, carefully utilize the fine-pointed tip of the pen to fill in the gaps between your eyelashes and any hard-to-reach areas of your waterline. This approach simplifies the process of obtaining a consistent fill and guarantees a flawlessly sculpted wing reminiscent of the iconic style often sported by the renowned star.

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