An Unconventional Winter Hack by Kim Kardashian: Wrapping Her $200K Lamborghini in ‘Snuggly Fabric’

Following the conclusion of the popular reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the famous celebrity received an unexpected shock when she woke up to find her luxurious car lavishly adorned with a extravagant material. Stay informed about all the recent developments by visiting our exciting live blog dedicated to the Kardashians.

Kim Kardashian wrapped her ENTIRE $200K Lamborghini in SKIMS 'cozy' fabric

Kim Kardashian has elevated her car collection to a whole new standard by adorning her astonishing $200,000 Lamborghini with the luxurious fabric that epitomizes her highly acclaimed SKIMS brand. The famed entrepreneur and reality star never fails to make a grand entrance with her one-of-a-kind and opulent fashion choices.

The reality star's luxury vehicle was covered in the soft material from her clothing line

Kim Kardashian, the famous reality TV star, experienced a delightful surprise as she exited her grand Los Angeles residence. To her astonishment, her sleek Lamborghini was completely enveloped in the soft and luxurious fabric from her esteemed clothing brand, SKIMS. With utmost excitement, Kim took every opportunity to flaunt her one-of-a-kind vehicle, showcasing its fully transformed exterior and interior, all adorned with the cozy material. Not a single aspect was overlooked, as even the tire’s hubcap was meticulously wrapped in the SKIMS collection. From the seats to the roof, the steering wheel to the floor, and even the personalized SKIMS license plate, every detail was devotedly decorated with the fabric.

Sharing this exceptional sight on social media, Kim delightedly posed alongside her creation, dressed in pieces from her comfortable clothing line, including a bra top, sweatpants, and slides. In one particular snapshot, she playfully indulged in sunbathing on the car’s hood. Overflowing with joy, Kim couldn’t contain her excitement as she captioned the photos, expressing her delight, “OMG, isn’t this simply the most adorable and amusing thing ever??? A brand new Lamborghini covered in @skims cozy fabric, it’s a dream come true!”

Fans blasted the move as the 'stupidest thing ever' as it was the 'biggest waste of money'

The choice received a wave of backlash from supporters, who voiced their vehement disagreement, deeming it the most ill-advised move and a wasteful extravagance of resources.

Kim stepped out in head-to-toe 'cozy' fabric that matched her Lambo

Kim stepped out of her extravagant vehicle, adorned in a complete outfit crafted from cozy material, flawlessly matching the stylish design of her sleek Lamborghini.

No expense was spared to give Kim the 'cozy' treatment to her car

Kim’s vehicle was given the highest level of care and pampering, without any cost being spared.

Even the custom SKIMS license plate was wrapped in fabric

Kim Kardashian has taken her dedication to her brand, SKIMS, to the next level by wrapping her car’s license plate in fabric. The extravagant detail has sparked curiosity among fans about the potential cost of covering an entire vehicle in the same material. For reference, a bra top made from this fabric is priced at $50, so it’s not hard to imagine that the expenses would quickly pile up for an entire car. Some fans have expressed disappointment and frustration, viewing this as a wasteful use of money. One critic even went as far as labeling it the “biggest waste of money” they had ever witnessed. Others have echoed similar sentiments, deeming it “the stupidest thing” and highlighting Kardashian’s seemingly endless wealth and questionable spending choices.

The steering wheel, floors and roof were covered in the fabric

Kim Kardashian took to her Instagram account to flaunt the opulent interior of her car. In a stunning photo, she revealed how her vehicle’s cabin was lavishly decorated with exquisite fabric. From the steering wheel to the floors and even the roof, every inch of Kim’s ride exuded luxury and sophistication.

Even the car's tire hubcap was covered with the 'cozy' collection

Kim Kardashian shared a picture on her Instagram that showcased every little detail of the car, including the hubcap, which was beautifully embellished with a charming collection of ‘cozy’ designs.

All of the inside of the ride from floor to ceiling was covered

Every inch of the ride’s interior, spanning from the floor to the ceiling, was exquisitely embellished.
Picture credits: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

Kim boasted how she matched her car

Kim, a joyful 17-year-old, couldn’t contain her excitement as she flaunted her flawlessly matched car, capturing the picturesque moment on her Instagram feed.

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